$47 Taco Vs. $1 Taco

$47 Taco Vs. $1 Taco

“This is closest thing to drugs I’ve ever experienced.”

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Miguel Martinez
Armando De La Torre Jr.
Bryan Fyler

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20 Responses

  1. batt3ryac1d says:

    Caviar is so overrated. It’s gross salty fish.

  2. Ellen Joy Teo says:

    Can’t wait till you guys travel the world to do ‘Worth It’ series.

  3. Aidan Charde says:

    Do this with wine (like $2 bottle vs $20,000 bottle)

  4. Flying Panda says:

    Can you do a $1 prostitute vs $1000 prostitute next?

  5. Luke O'Connor says:

    I only watch buzzfeed to see the camera man awkwardly and silently eat food

  6. meutia says:

    my heart gets so happy whenever adam eats hes so cute

  7. Bleeding, Sweating & Crying says:

    they actually bought adam his well deserved foods now, not steven and andrew’s leftover i’m proud of you buzzfeed.

  8. wacojitsu says:

    why is seth rogen just chillin in the background the whole ep.

  9. RainbowCupcakes24 says:

    Adam is my favorite, 1 like = 1 Adam fan

  10. kopes28 says:

    I would just watch adam eat even if he didnt talk he just seems like someone you want to be friends with

  11. Andrea Ortiz Román says:

    Was I the only mexican that cringed when they saw a fried chip with caviar inside and they called it a taco? Yeah? Ok.

  12. Olive Simmer says:

    90% of the comments are just people glad Adam finally got to eat

  13. 黄平 says:

    Fish eggs on Pringles.

  14. Lily Maree says:

    the fact that it goes from highest to lowest price point instead of the opposite makes me uncomfortable

  15. Sumaya Yusuf says:

    Is it just me but that 47 dollor taco look nasty Asf to me ?

  16. Althewahyu says:

    the 47$ one is lays chip topped with salted tapioka bubble. lol

  17. Justin Yun says:

    They fed Adam 3 times in this episode. I’m glad they heard our concerns.

  18. x Kate says:

    Does anyone find Adam adorable when he quietly eats the food. ?

  19. Squishy Fawn says:

    “Go big or go home”….. serves a pringle

  20. Darel Gaming says:

    i want to tell you a joke

    caviar taco

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