49 killed in terror attack at New Zealand mosques

49 killed in terror attack at New Zealand mosques

A gunman, dressed in tactical gear, appeared to livestream video of the shooting on social media, according to New Zealand police.

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49 killed in mass shootings at 2 mosques in ‘one of New Zealand’s darkest days’

At least 49 people were killed and dozens more injured in mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, Friday.

At least one gunman carried out what is now the deadliest shooting in New Zealand history.

“It’s something that we never expected to have happen here,” Christchurch MP Gerry Brownlee told “Good Morning America.” “We’re a relatively small population, and while we are ethnically quite diverse, we live very peaceable lives. And this, as many have seen, has shattered our innocence.”

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77 Responses

  1. Cammie Rountree says:

    Right wing?? No. He is a terrorist.

  2. terraizedgaming112 says:

    I live in christchurch i was at school and herd shots fierd
    it was so scary all my prays go to the people fighting for there live’s

    • grancito2 says:

      +Norman Byler NZ has a huge gun ownership, with very few shootings, an example that it is not guns that kill people, but Jacinta, the dumb girl who is Prime minister, will make gun laws so that she can feel fuzzy inside. Blame the immigration department, if these people were not there, they could not have died.

    • FightFan says:

      learn how to type proper grammar

    • black ghost says:

      +Norman Byler No its not illegal but gun licencing is pretty strict.

    • blizzaroxxx says:

      I was at home playing fortnite. Im so scared

    • Timinator62 says:

      So if you were “close enough” to hear guns shots….how long did it take for the Police to even get to the scene?…I have a copy of his live feed…17 minutes…not one Police siren…he walked down the streets in broad daylight shooting in the neighborhood before AND after the Mosque attack…then he walked back to his car and reloaded and walked back to the Mosque and shot some more, then walked back to his car…and drove around SHOOTING…still NO SIRENS…PATHETIC.

  3. NPC 00110001001110010011100000110100 says:

    And then they wonder why their companies are failing to alternative media outlets.

  4. ARDRIPSTAR says:

    Thank you for calling it a terror attack unlike sky

  5. ItsFaited says:

    I feel absolutely sick. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. Stay strong.

  6. issa son of Mary peace be upon them says:

    The people who they have been killed they are happy now in paradise cause they died between God’s hands

    But the persons who killed them failed in this life and in the end will be failed .
    May God mercy them

  7. WUB tile says:

    “right wing” <-- this mind control game is getting old quick....

  8. Kickin says:

    Right wing? Wrong. More fake news pushing a certain agenda.

  9. Sky Nelson says:

    dangerous immigrant accuses Muslim people praying of being dangerous immigrants ?

    • Sam Links says:

      +Hocus Pocus you sound like you support this terrorist attack.stop spreading hate

    • Robloxian Jihadist says:

      Hocus Pocus your comment is all hocus pocus bro ?

    • Ahmed Thabt says:

      +Hocus Pocus well there is literally no one and no teaching that says if u build a mosque it becomes ur land second of all god says to us to fight the non believers if they fought us and do not start but ofc u will spread lies wuthout evidence or u will bring up a hadith that is weak which means we don’t take it as a hadith or follow what the hadith says if it’s weak majority of whom read the quran fully know how perfect and merciful the teaching are and ik u gonna lie saying I’ve read the quran even tho you didn’t .

    • Timinator62 says:

      His Facebook claimed he was Muslim Schooled in Turkey if I remember correctly…hopefully somebody has a screen capture…I have his Live Feed video, I just wasn’t going to ruin it with screen captures of his Facebook Page.

    • RealGamez says:

      Hocus Pocus you’re right but it doesn’t deserve to be met in that way. Like he just completely slaughtered unarmed innocent people as far as I know. Them being Muslim doesn’t make them any less human.

  10. AlexTheStar XGamer says:

    2018(Florida Parkland shooting)
    (Synagogue shooting)
    2019(New Zeland terrorist attack in Mosque.) What kind of world is this???

  11. Flyingclam says:

    He is trying to sow division, its in his manifesto. Don’t fall for it!

    • Matthew P says:

      +TMC_ Luigi He said in the manifesto that his main purpose of this shooting was to incite a civil war between the left and the right. He claimed to be a right-winged and white-supremacists conservative who purposefully used “military style weapons”, the ones that the left are so afraid of, to try and get the left to ban these guns. In turn, that would cause the right to freak and defend their rights, hence starting a civil war. His whole manifesto is an attempt to raise the already high tensions between our two political parties. As you can see, the left have already taken the bait. If they do not stop spewing shit out of their mouths soon things can get a whole lot worse.

    • shinpaku 123 says:

      TMC_ Luigi here’s the article and I put one line so you can see an example if you don’t feel like reading the whole thing http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/03/the-christchurch-shooters-manifesto-isnt-in-code.html

      The shooter writes that he is aware the attack will heighten the intense debate over the Second Amendment in the U.S.,

    • Adeezy says:

      Sad human

    • Simon says:

      +Matthew P I don’t really see the left reacting any differently than the right do whenever a muslim terror attack happen. Ironically by pointing your finger at the left only blaming them and completely leaving out the right, you yourself are guilty of division. Practice what you preach, it’s important if you don’t wanna come off as a complete fucking asshat

    • Yeliazar Tymoshchuk says:

      He wants stricter gun controls in NZ and USA and his actions have already starting bearing evil fruit since NZ now wants even more gun control. They are fulfilling his manifesto. No wonder all govs are trying to make sure the manifesto stays under wraps. They dont want to admit that he wanted them stronger gun laws

  12. MaXiMuS54 says:

    By their logic muslim attacks should be called “Extreme right-wing brown supremacist attack”

    • Alex psk says:

      +Kendel Titi get a fucking job instead..fucking pussy.. “im reporting you” ..whatever,moron..

    • Vi Static Shock iV says:

      There not brown supremacy more like Islamic supremacy.

    • Vi Static Shock iV says:

      They do call them attaks and they do say that what there doing is extreme. But there not right winger’s in the general sense. The do have some right wing re-forms but also some socialist re-forms.

    • David Little says:

      you really gonna die on a hill defending a terrorist

    • Vi Static Shock iV says:

      Also it would make no difference what they called them the reaction would be the same so please explain.

  13. hk khan says:

    police did a great job,just blocked teh car and very vulnerably confronted that man with their life in risk ,thank you NZ police,

    • Timinator62 says:

      They SUCKED, he walked the streets with his guns…he killed dozens, then wandered around the area, then walked back to his car and reloaded, then walked down the street again and shot randomly, then went back to the Mosque and shot the dead again and still he wandered around shooting in the neighborhood, then got in his car and drove off shooting at people…NEVER once in the 17 minute video was there even a SIREN…DO NOT believe what the Media tells you.

  14. PreZetsche says:

    New Zealand is probably the place I least expected would ever experience a terrorist attack, especially on this level of magnitude.

  15. silenceisconsent says:

    Try telling the truth ABC ,cocksuckers

  16. mjkkhalid says:

    He is a terrorists. He killed human being just like u and me. Sad day for Muslim around the world and humanity.

  17. DARKKISS says:

    The human race is capable of such beauty, and such savagery.

  18. CommanderMawortz says:

    An Australian shooting immigrants in New Zealand, kinda ironic…

  19. Fit n Fab says:

    No. HE IS A TERRORIST!!! Not an Act Of Violence!
    I saw the full video.

  20. Rustam p says:

    Attack on innocent people that man called terrorist hanged on him as soon as possible he is killer

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