5 Min Crafts: Watermelon Party

5 Min Crafts: Watermelon Party


watermelon party (happy): https://soundcloud.com/stupidassbeats/watermelon-party
watermelon party (sad): https://soundcloud.com/stupidassbeats/watermelon-sad-final

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5 Min Crafts: Watermelon Party

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Cody Ko

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52 Responses

  1. Nemo DaSpic says:

    “But it has been 90”
    Me: *laughs in texas*

  2. Ellohmia says:

    Chad moment when he removed his pants to reveal ANOTHER pair of pants.

  3. Mihailo Mandich says:

    I see a problem, you couldn’t cut it open with coin because you used a Canadian coin.

  4. paige herby says:

    i only waited like 5 months for u to post, but it was worth it ?

  5. Julianna Belle says:

    idk when cody was cutting that watermelon with the quarter he kinda seemed like mr struggle

  6. Trends Best says:

    Kelsey: That looks familiar…
    Me: Has that old man been harassing you again?

  7. dsatish1997 says:

    I was actually smiling thru this whole video, so damn good

  8. Jacob D Street says:

    when you threw away all the pringles i audibly gasped

  9. Nicolas Gularte says:

    7:27 “that looks familiar..” lmao Kelsey had the best line of the video

  10. Chase Fleming says:

    Cody just pulled a “two shots of vodka” lady on that cocktail craft

    • Dangerz Own says:

      But astonishingly, I’m pretty sure that’s the first drink Cody’s ever had in his entire life that hasn’t tasted like piss. *SUCCESS!* ??

  11. Gracey K says:

    4:59 IS THAT A KOMBUCHA I SEE? Better not be cheating on Gt.

  12. TheJoshstar says:

    Why do I always feel like I need to take a shower after watching these videos?

  13. a person says:

    imagine cody at the store buying 10 watermelons…

    math problem guy

  14. anna c says:

    Cody bought 7 watermelons for this video?

    *He’s the guy we read about in math problems*

  15. Mary Kate McGuire says:

    that looks familiar
    I spit out my water

  16. Oliv D says:

    Cody is literally that one dude in the math problem that buys 10 watermelons

  17. Oliv D says:

    Cody straight up sexually assaulting watermelons for 17 minutes straight

  18. ohheyniki says:

    Did the Pringle’s can watermelon have a weird pringly taste to it?? Also the “that looks familiar” from Kelsey had me wheezing.

  19. Brooke Richards says:

    Kelsey: That looks familiar
    Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Trenton Stewart says:

    The pants one didn’t work because it’s a man craft and Cody wears toddler size 6

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