5 Things No One Tells You About Going To War

5 Things No One Tells You About Going To War

“You sleep in weird places.”

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20 Responses

  1. kylmäesjeesaisnytniinbirusti22 says:

    Fucking murderers!

  2. Owen Bunny says:

    These thing should be included into the new call of duty.

  3. Jenelle Garcia says:

    you should do buzzfeed try crawfish!!:)

  4. Alleyah Kevlar says:

    “oh, and i kill innocent civilians for fun and people see me as a hero for
    that. thats pretty cool too”

  5. carol manquenzie says:

    going to war? I can’t belive that’s normal for some countrys

  6. Andrex says:

    Finland will conquer the world… just you wait…

  7. Sugar Sparkles says:


  8. darth superman says:

    yeah Ireland let’s go!

  9. Shaine MacDonald says:

    James Hetfield is that you?! 00:30

  10. Bunny Star says:

    Am i the only one who is mad on people who become soldiers? Idk why, i feel
    like unless you are under attack you shouldn’t go around killing people. It
    breaks my heart and i am very hurt by it. And how can someone take pride in
    hurting other people ‘serving their country’? Like.. Seriously.. Idk… 

  11. Heartbeatzofficial says:

    I really don’t like how this is glorifying war!

  12. Annie Y says:

    I’d wanna be that mayonnaise in the man sandwich 😉

    All jokes aside though, thank you for protecting our freedom.

  13. RainbowVanity94 says:

    Good god I hate reading comments from people hating on troops. These people
    are heroes. And they deserve the respect they’ve earned from doing a job
    that most people would be far too scared to even consider doing. 

  14. max deem says:

    u seem to have mist-title it “50 things no one tells you about going to go”

  15. Rion Sullivan says:

    Grown men playing hide and seek. Everyone gets a girl scout cookie for each
    confirmed kill.. lol this was just an odd interview. i almost enlisted
    despite my grades. And i fully support american and NATO troops btw..

  16. ChanelKiss05 says:

    I’m from Iraq, and i remember i met this one soldier who still sticks to my
    mind until today. He brought candy and sweets to the children and i had a
    small talk with him even though i was young lol. And he told me how much he
    misses his children and wife back home, then he took out pictures of them
    from his pocket then started crying.. I just want to say that war is
    painful to both sides, but the issue is that it’s always sugarcoated and
    praised as an accomplishment when in reality it’s all about destruction and
    making profit. 

  17. Pablo123456x says:

    We, the rest of the world, are very glad that your soldiers don´t get
    boring and have the chance to keep up with tv shows while invading other
    I´ll be waiting for them with the last sason of the big bang theory.

  18. Angela Portillo says:

    I can’t wait to join the military. I want to be a coast guard.

  19. hollyvelocitygrl says:

    This chick asked this vet after he got back from Nam’, “They weren’t
    shooting real bullets were they?” (Like it was just some paintball
    skirmish). Some people just do not get it

  20. future1997 says:

    they also kill innocent people, well, some of them do