5 Uninhabited Islands with Dark & Mysterious Histories

5 Uninhabited Islands with Dark & Mysterious Histories

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Planet earth is made up of around 180,000 islands. Some of which are huge countries, and others that are tiny and unpopulated, that look like dots on a map. Well, it’s usually these ones that most of us have never even heard about, that hold some seriously dark stories and unsolved mysteries.

So, from an island home to a ridiculous amount of cannibalism, that has rarely been talked about, to another that literally vanished from the face of the planet. Here are five uninhabited islands with mysterious and dark back stories.

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  1. TheAidoKidd says:

    Another great video keep up the great work

  2. Isommaren says:

    The island of Lost ;)

  3. Diann Cambre says:

    It really was blown up, I have an uncle who’s a retired Admiral, he often
    talks about an island he blew up but never where.I mean what else could it

  4. Nicole Silver says:

    In response to point 3: How can you be sure that all these “missing
    islands” aren’t just copyright traps? Cartographers usually add in at least
    1 fictitious location to their maps so that if they see another map
    produced with that fictitious location on it, they know it was just a copy
    of their map and not properly researched.

  5. stalkerko says:

    do you remember the whole information you put in the videos ?

  6. Juhana Oberoi says:

    Can you do next video on Mandela effect esp JFK video

  7. David Xp gameing says:

    And I like how you say if there is

  8. mr1spamification says:

    You read every comment huh?
    Why not do a list video of top 5 miracles. There’s a lot of supposed ones,
    and doing the research to find the most convincing or bizarre ones might be

  9. Pingu says:

    Really like your videos but I want more top 5s that aren’t dark or scary

  10. Physick1 says:

    Another great video. I appreciate the research you do for them.

  11. Vincent Anderson says:

    Top 5 you are a boss

  12. Goro Rizzi says:

    development video actually sounds heavily eqncwatch

  13. HvA says:

    1000th comment

  14. Alisa Faingersh says:

    5 Reasons Why This is My Favourite YouTube Channel

  15. Tony Castro says:

    I remember You had 50K subs. Now look at you :)

  16. ZeerosFate says:

    To answer your question about Bermeja island: I’d say you lied because the
    technology to take one of the photos you showed in the video didn’t exist
    in 1921.

  17. eJs says:


  18. Lisa Mc10072 says:

    He didn’t mention Britain after Brexit lol

  19. Jason Scouseman says:

    10/10 rating , every video you create is superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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