5 Ways Wallace and Gromit Is Secretly About Imperialism

5 Ways Wallace and Gromit Is Secretly About Imperialism


If Gromit, a brilliant, spaceship-building beagle who is relegated to be subservient to Wallace, isn’t a depiction of the British lower-class then we’ll forfeit all our cheese.

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20 Responses


    this guy is high right

  2. ayacachotinemi says:

    You know, when you’re finding the class-struggle subtext in Wallace and
    Gromit, it might be time to sit down and wonder if the people who say that
    American universities are nothing but Marxist indoctrination centres might
    actually have a point.

    Also starting to wonder whether Americans understand that Downton Abbey
    isn’t actually a documentary.

  3. Tim handley says:

    Ironically England is now more of a meritocracy than the USA.

  4. cmm07r says:

    While the information is informative, I do sit and wonder how much of what
    was smoked to come up with these ideas.

  5. zzzzzz says:

    Oh just fuck off

  6. MagicalWellecto92 says:

    Dude brush your teeth

  7. Benjamin Fisher says:

    That ending killed me! …And him too, apparently. RIP

  8. Mattie Gr says:

    This video, ironically, really made me want to watch Wallace and Gromit,
    and stop watching this video…

  9. MeBeMat says:

    We don’t own Boston anymore…yes, that’s exactly what we *wanted* you to
    think! Mwuhahahaha!

  10. PitifulPyro says:

    I see someone is trying desperately to put their
    English/American-English/Social Science degree to use. What a waste.

  11. Qwerty Bastard says:

    Meritocracy is a micro aggression you misogynistic shitlord.

  12. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    Your teeth are so fucking nasty. The bottom of the dumpster is probably
    nicer. Go to a FUCKING dentist

  13. VampirateYuki says:

    I have never watched either of these shows so I didn’t really know what you
    were talking about.

  14. Isiaha Evangelista Maze Runner Fan says:

    what is imperialism?

  15. kif1983 says:

    I dunno, as someone who lives in the UK this to me is like saying Only
    Fools and Horses is secretly about imperialism. A lot of what was said was
    reaching, seemed baseless and lacked an understanding of modern Britain.

  16. TigerZxTM says:

    Yo, does this dude know what a toothbrush is?

  17. Jayden Dove says:

    I think I would have enjoyed this more if it was presented as a Today’s

  18. Rori McCutcheon says:

    Most British thing ever

  19. Apemanwithcalculator says:

    Modern British is code for ‘Englishness’

  20. Andrew Kearney says:

    an appropriate choice of topic for international cheese day