50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind (#18)

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind (#18)

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20 Responses

  1. Jayden Dyce says:

    also the amenity mushroom was on elder scrolls 5 

  2. Mr.Gliitchy Pants says:

    Merica wait Mexico 

  3. redgie 78 says:

    I’ve had the Tetris effect 

  4. Joseph Patton says:

    darn good video, why didnt 35 work though?

  5. Nick Mannhardt says:


  6. Alex Perez says:

    Epic video Matt! Keep up the good work.

  7. Vault Boy says:


  8. Vault Boy says:


  9. Cris Rubi says:

    I have white spots on my nails!

  10. caiocollalto says:

    And that’s only ONE fact about brazilian ridiculous taxes… you should see
    the rest.

  11. Richiezhang880 says:

    The Minecraft thing pisses me off, and I don’t even game.

  12. Lydia Gragg says:

    The last one is so good to know oh my gosh

  13. TripleACGaming says:

    Who else checked there finger nail? xD

  14. Roshanisgod says:

    I love Finnish culture so much and I want to live there one day (Big change
    from Australia). Now that I know PhD candidates get that sword and hat, I
    am DEFINITELY completing my post-graduate degree there! 

  15. smokeyreviews says:

    Global warming doesn’t exist Matty. Come on.

  16. FliptopTwister says:

    Holy shit! Number 18 applies to me!!! I’ve had that before!!! Thought i was
    just going crazy….probably am…lol

  17. Gabriel gustafson says:

    american players blowing up finnish minecraft terriotories andreplacing the
    finnish flags with american flags sounds like patriots to me AMERICA FUCK

  18. Dramatic Kazoo says:

    WOW! That micro sleep thing! I think I had that the only thing is that I
    woke up after a few seconds. It was during a stream.

  19. Meggz Keitel says:

    um…. I’ve definitely experienced microsleep once…… twice……5
    times……94375156….. ha ha fandoms

  20. DJM says:

    I learn aboute my own country from this channle (norway)