50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #29

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #29

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20 Responses

  1. Shɑunogrɑphy says:

    I Saw The Parrot

  2. Metal Maestro says:


  3. Joseph Jobo Licayan says:

    come on mat, the guy who fell out of the window coz he wanted to prove its
    we ALL know that

  4. nick mooney says:

    by 2050 we would’ve used up all of our resources so, us living to the year
    2065 is highly Imposible

  5. Nimue Gibbs says:

    In Japans defence, female hyenas have a pseudo-penis so its not surprising
    that they confused the genders. +Matthew Santoro interesting fact to blow
    YOUR mind! :P

  6. The Derp Knight Rises says:

    Wow. My eyes are horrible. I can’t see beyond 15 cm without my glasses. I’m
    soo Jelly… :'(

  7. LoneStarArcher says:

    5:05 You heard it from Matt. “They both got ding a lings, it can’t happen.”
    YES Matt isn’t gay!!!

  8. Raggedy Man says:


  9. Angry_Old_ _Man_Gamer says:

    oohhhhhh so thats why assassins are always on rooftops :P

  10. AverageFlamethrower says:

    Wouldn’t our vision being that magnified reduce our field of view?

  11. MonkeyMadGamers says:

    You think he’s gonna stop doing these when he gets to fifty

  12. Ankit Mondal says:

    Lol…Eagle Vision…yeah

  13. B Bag says:

    < ̄`ヽ、 /  ̄ >
    ゝ、 \ /⌒ヽ,ノ /´
    ゝ、 ( ( ͡◉ ͜> ͡◉) /
    > ,ノ
    (sorry for bad english)

  14. Carly M says:

    Newfoundland isn’t pronounced Newfinlind btw. It’s Newfunland or
    Newfinland, but it’s not -finlind

  15. lilabearr says:

    So eagle vision is basically acid trip vision. 

  16. MrFunnyGuy015 says:

    #19 we desperately need something like that in America

  17. PandaHasPie says:

    Am I the only one who saw the human first on number #48

  18. DMAN D says:

    #23 3:30 I’m sure you have said this before but I totally understand these
    would be sooo hard to make and I appreciate the effort you put into these

  19. irelia pentakill says:

    #5 where can i see this map ?

  20. Gautam Rajeev says:

    Hasn’t he already mention 23 in some other video