50 ANIMATED Facts to Blow Your Mind!

50 ANIMATED Facts to Blow Your Mind!

Animated by https://youtube.com/ThoughtBubbler !
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20 Responses

  1. Harshil Kuril says:

    Randy Orton santoro

  2. Marijn van Kekem says:

    Matt, we need your bald head back in these vids!

  3. DasVikingLeprechaun says:

    Bring back our Beautiful bald man!

    Edit: Hey thanks for getting this to the top, maybe Matt will see this and bring it back to the old style of videos

  4. Gotohellolanguage says:

    It’s weird how someone can be early and comment “Notification squad where you at?” and get a ton of likes.

  5. Dylan McElyea says:

    I really do not like the new format, definitely a setback for sure..

  6. davids darkevics says:

    The Orginal form of 50 amazing facts was better. #1coment

  7. Harshil Kuril says:

    FUCK notification …I was just on time

  8. VINCEble gaming says:

    Admit it, you’re in the comments right now

  9. Gregor Logan says:

    Matt where is your face?😩

  10. Eleanor Rowley says:

    1:37. did he say wimblton??!??

  11. SkyMasterv2000 says:

    Tbh… even though you’ve worked hard on this video… i’d prefer if you’d go back to live action vids

  12. TheMasterOfAllStuff says:

    “animated” no 50 was animated
    this was done is as a power point presentation
    i say this as someone who misses seeing you on camera….

  13. DarkShadow94 says:

    50 Amazing facts was my favourite, but not anymore. We don’t want this animated, just do what you did before, your face alongside pictures.

  14. Danielle Strassberg says:

    The animation distracts me from the facts. I need to watch this with my eyes closed.

  15. Matin Dzhumanov says:


  16. The_Neon_Lord says:

    Anyone else think that there is too much going on in the video to concentrate? I prefer the classic Bald headed Matt reading on screen

  17. FuriousNinja says:

    First the knowledge whale

    Now your bald head

  18. Awesome Narwhal says:

    Let’s play Russian roulette
    Every 5th like dies
    Good luck πŸ˜‡πŸ”«

  19. MAXA CUSUB says:

    Who else miss his humor and bald head i know i do

  20. Malevolent Elephant says:

    Everyone in the comments bitching in the comments about him not being on screen. Stop your entitlement guys. This video was very creative and fantastic

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