50 Cent – 9 Shots (Official Music Video)

50 Cent – 9 Shots (Official Music Video)

50 Cent releases the official music video for 9 SHOTS.
Check out the mini movie and download the track now: http://smarturl.it/50Shots


Snapchat: iam50cent

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20 Responses

  1. Fiscal de Comentários Impróprios e Inadequados says:

    I want to hear this music in one of my favorite series! POWER!

  2. Syzze says:

    This is 50 !!! The best

  3. Rafael Bori says:

    Keep making tracks like this. Remind me of the Get Rich Or Die Tryin era.
    This track was tough

  4. amir SMAIL says:

    Go itunes

  5. Dawid Przybylski says:

    0:55min what a track??

  6. Da Boss says:

    50 is back bitches!!!

  7. Niko Kma says:

    dang Kanan

  8. aLLOn G-UNiT says:


  9. FlowDownUnder says:

    This is 50 !

  10. Bullet Holes says:

    Hi guys! We need your support!
    We are a band, check out our channel and listen to our music please :)

  11. Gabriel Torres says:

    Well done sir!

  12. oxylord says:

    50 Cent

  13. Амгалан Найданов says:

    Охуеть, песня начинается с 3 минуты

  14. hopkin104 says:

    “50 is so irrelevant now/” – LOL Dumbest shit I ever heard.

    There are only two rappers that came and sparked my interest since 50,
    Nipsey Hussle and Troy Ave. Everyone else was pretty much pointless.

    In my opinion.

  15. Drilon Bekiri says:

    he’s defently back!

  16. Heartlock8195 (Simone Mathers) says:

    This reminds me of The Funeral, best song off his last album

  17. Dogg Pound says:

    it’s str8

  18. Chris Martinez says:

    Remember when 50 used to be hella fit ,now he’s just eh what happened man
    you looked good when you was all muscle now you look a bit smaller

  19. moe elabed says:

    What young buck track is that after he shot yayo? 

  20. bode holandes says:

    yeahh keeping it classic boooy