$500 Lottery Ticket Challenge – Man Vs Youtube

$500 Lottery Ticket Challenge – Man Vs Youtube

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20 Responses

  1. Monica Nawar says:

    like seriously if I won the lottery first pay off student loans (those are no freaking joke) and my car payments. I’d probably buy a house bc I’m a millennial andI can’t afford that yet….especially with a teacher’s salary….then like you know buy some cool stuff, go on vacation, donate a bunch of it to my church and local organizations, then like invest the rest because duh more money ??

  2. I am a ninja says:

    If I won that money I would buy a new house for my family (well chip in). Finish any worked needed to be done on the house. Give my friend a bit who lost her brother to cancer as her family is still in debt. Give my great uncle some for his treatment for cancer. Help the rest of my family to pay of hospital debts from cancer. Donate to cancer foundations. (My family has a really shitty path with this). And just bulk the money. I want a new pair of shoes, imma buy a new pair. Maybe I’d take my fam on a trip to someplace. I know I would buy a chest binder for sure. Maybe some new clothing. Actually I would be in shock with this money. It would fix any payments. I don’t know really what I would do with all of it. I’m to young to handle that.

  3. Treget Letterwood says:

    I would go to Sephora and buy everything.
    Then I can match the lipstick to my nipple color in the comfort of my own home.

  4. Jindee Guzman says:

    If I won $4,000,000, I would buy my own franchise of McDonalds so that I don’t have to fall in line and pay for food ??

  5. HOLO QUEEN says:

    I would Buy A clear water bed and fill it with orbeez to sleep on then i would go to menchies and eat a tub of icectream then i would buy Airline tickets and meet all my favorite youtubers like Threadbanger, Simplynailogical, Ssundee, MrCrainer, ect.


    if I won 4 million dollars I’d buy all the vegan shit in the world and watch the vegans die off one by one.

  7. NICOLE PEREZ says:

    Knowing rob he will find a way to cut himself in this video

  8. Valen Sketch says:

    Thinking smartly, I would buy a small company to profit from it.
    Thinking normaly, I would most likely spend it on random shit I will never need.

  9. Miss Hero says:

    If I had 4 million dollars i would drop out of school and buy 12 cats. Me and the cats will be watching Korean dramas until we get old and die.

  10. Jacob Kibernich says:

    What i would buy:

    Bunch of hookers and kokain

  11. Jessica Arellano says:

    I would pay off my Student Loans and then go backpacking all over the world!

  12. Rilosoraus Rex says:

    I’ll buy my own spirits shop ?

  13. Brandy Newsome says:

    travel the world and buy everything

  14. fghfghf lkoijhhgh says:

    hehe just got my free gift card here:

  15. Anne Smith says:

    I would buy buzzfeed so they’ll stop plaguing the internet with garbage.

  16. Lisa Gonzales says:

    Make passive income at home; online business[ https://storage.cloud.google.com/onllinebusiness/e-commerce.html

  17. jade selle says:

    I’d buy my school and burn it down because that’s how upset school makes me

  18. Zoe Zoee says:

    Pay school loans and get a car ??

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