5G: Explained!

5G: Explained!

5G is getting a lot of hype right now… so I had to see for myself!
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73 Responses

  1. Marques Brownlee says:

    Had to see for myself is 5G is worth all the hype. What do you think?
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    • Patrick Williamson says:

      Most people are still WELL below 5mbps nation wide…I am at 179mbps right now and I pay damn near $200 a month for those speeds and that’s at home…with a $50 unlimited data cap. So no they need to fix regular speed before attempting 5G anything.

    • Nael y Jay says:

      Marques Brownlee why you don’t talk about the bad things in 5g

    • Hugh Lewis says:

      It’s so nice to see you’re working with brands like Nord. Amazing, wish you the best <3

    • Landrew0 says:

      I think 5G is a bridge too far. 4G can continue to improve to service our needs. Sacrificing range and battery life aren’t worth it compared to the insane speeds we don’t need.

  2. ØHM says:

    This guy’s hair literally remind me of Yondu from Guardians Of the Galaxy ?

  3. diddy_dante says:

    cAN i UsE a Vpn TO viRTUaLlY bE nEXt to a 5g NOdE

  4. se7en says:

    Imagine being tracked 24/7 with 100% accuracy.

    “5G is amazing” the masses- 2019

    • biggtk says:

      @Keiran Schofield Right, because clearly understanding the political harm of arbitrary government intrusion is an American concept…

    • Keiran Schofield says:

      @rustytr yeah I must have a tiny mind not believing in conspiracy theory. tell you what mate stop being a sheep and following the cool kids. If your so against your government emigrate or even better go fucking top yourself.

    • Keiran Schofield says:

      @biggtk your the one that brought the America constitution into it not me. That constitution mean fuck to me and that all I stating

    • Darius sheffield says:

      @Alex 2017 yea and no. I told someone on kik. Tracking now is where you are close to a cell tower. And that’s 10 miles. U can track the cell tower not the user. But with 5g because it will be at every adresss. You can be followed way more easily. So making online threats and ilgeal deals will make you get arrested faster?

    • Arkmabat - says:

      Even wifi can be triangulated to get positions currently.

  5. Marcoo MK says:

    Well explained video, thanks !
    7:25 aie, that must’ve hurt.

  6. Aniketh S says:

    The whole idea of 5G sounds like fitting a WiFi router at every street.

  7. TECH MANIA LTD says:

    I just upgraded from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps…
    And it’s damn fast for me ?

  8. Koby Dunham says:

    So glad you called out AT&T and their “5Ge” nomenclature. Silliness.

  9. Projekt Studio says:

    Watching MKBHD on 1.5gbps internet with my internet connection at 20kbps 144p

  10. Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso says:

    His 4G speeds are much faster than my home WiFi speed ?

  11. Matt Carroll says:

    And once they finally blanket the country with these nodes…here comes 6G!?

  12. Nicolay Hoven says:

    Any chance you could give some insight as to how a VPN copes with 5G?

  13. James Konzek says:

    Call me an old dinosaur, but if I we’re to live the rest of my life on 4g, I think I would be just fine ?

    • Blue Raptorz says:

      I think anyone would, but who knows. Imagine downloading chrome which would be like 3gb in 10years and would take a few minutes to download where 5g is the standard so youll be able to download it faster.

    • Vebjørn Sandvik says:

      Well, when higher speeds are available it suddenly opens to doors for new technology. For example, you, your phone, your car, whatever, could have sensors, send the information to a data center to process the information and come back with instructions. Especially useful for cars right now. But also with low latency, you could perhaps stream games from a data center, removing the need of having a powerful computer, and just having it streamed to a screen alot like a video. Video quality over the coming years won’t be any worse. Perhaps we can get 4k or 8k nearly uncompressed on Netflix. While yes 4G speeds are decent right now, it wouldn’t take that long before it would be a barrier for new technologies.

    • Standing Wave says:

      I bet you were hurt when the car replaced the horse.

    • Pranav Reddy says:

      James Konzek huh!! I fell i can live next 10 years with my 20mbps internet speed

    • Austin Rash says:

      @Vebjørn Sandvik you
      can already stream games to low end computers with programs like Nvidia Geforce Now. Even works on 2.4ghz Wi-Fi networks, albeit with a few caveats. With 5g you could do that without any problems at all.

  14. wafflehea says:

    We still stuck in 4G “LTE” anyway, so 5G is just hype.

  15. Georgio Khoury says:

    “My dream of uploading 8k videos in 5 secs”
    You know how mush that would cost you right??

  16. Mizzoumike000 says:

    Sad thing is theoretical 4g LTE speeds haven’t even been optimized

    • Loren Fok says:

      Agreed. It’s quite inconsistent. Sometimes I can watch videos quite fast. Other times it struggles to load even if I move a few feet?

    • slopedarmor says:

      @Loren Fok Oh, I think it’s been years since the last time I noticed problems with my 4g connection.

  17. RadicalxEdward says:

    5G is a bad enough idea for cities, it will never work outside of them. You can’t break the laws of physics

  18. Amrit says:

    Signal in my neighbor’s house: 4G
    Signal in Antarctica: 4G
    Signal on Mars: 4G

    Signal in my room: EDGE

  19. Power says:

    yall talking about 5G while my service provider doesnt offer 4G

  20. Spacial Cudlefish says:

    Village crier says 5G nodes are a form of population control.

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