6 Gross Hacks Guys Use But Don’t Admit

6 Gross Hacks Guys Use But Don’t Admit

Sometimes you just gotta do it.

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Fun Outside
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20 Responses

  1. SoMiracleAV1 says:

    wtf men don’t do any of these things.. At least I don’t..

  2. Samuel C says:

    Are there any guys who actually does these things?
    As mean… yes we do gross stuff but not like that?

  3. Princess Phantasm says:

    Fuckin ell I’m a girl and I do most of these things. I’m not saying it’s
    sexist though, because everyone knows that Buzzfeed already makes too many
    feminists videos 

  4. Burrosito says:

    Clearly the creators are either slobs, or have never met an actual male.
    This is just sad.

  5. I'm Called Olivia says:

    Tbh girls do most of these things too it’s just common sense

  6. Johnny Gonzalez says:

    The only thing i’ve done here is brush my teeth with my finger. Gotta stay
    fresh when you forget your tooth brush over a friends house! (;

  7. Jailong Kong says:

    I don’t do any of these…

  8. TheOtherCASM says:

    Havent done any of these but expected one to be getting rid of shit stains
    on the toilet by pissing on them. 

  9. Ghiz binthuda says:

    That’s gross, I’m glad I don’t have a boyfriend

  10. Ras Henry says:

    Running out of ideas(good ones)?

  11. airman fastspeed says:

    I admit it..accept the nail and the sock

  12. igneytia taylor says:

    Ok only retards to this. Wtf 

  13. Shakir Brathwaite says:

    this is just disgusting 

  14. Faysal Aladwan says:

    always hated buzzfeeds bideos this is very sad too

  15. Ronnie Sallee says:

    You are all lame lol

  16. manuel giles says:

    i do some

  17. Nicholas Fairbanks says:

    Very appalled at this video and its stereotypical depiction of men. 

  18. EBDIII says:

    Uhhh I dont do any of these hahaha

  19. emmy louise says:

    Who eats popcorn like that? 

  20. MCTurtleGames says:

    I have never used my socks to wipe my fingers XD