$6 Sandwich Vs. $180 Sandwich

$6 Sandwich Vs. $180 Sandwich

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/68323

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51 Responses

  1. Shanika says:

    why did you touch your eye!!!

  2. Josh G-W says:

    I feel like you can’t do a sandwich episode without Katz’s

  3. Nagarath16 says:

    They should go Scandinavia to try different type of breads because there.. Bread really matters and it’s good. Not just plain same white shiet what seemed to be everywhere in this video. That’s hardly bread.

  4. BeautyOfFat says:

    I just realised there was no sandwich fact

  5. Jamie McEwan says:

    You guys got photo-Babished!

  6. Bhargav Bhupathi says:

    10:00 I choose you, Milktank !!! 😂

  7. QWERTY123 says:

    Why is this the season finale? I want more episodes. ☹️

  8. GarettLovestheMovies says:

    Only 6 episodes?! Wtf?!

  9. Josh says:

    Why ending the season so quick

  10. TheOfficialDrk says:

    Finale?! It feels like the season just started ='(

  11. OhMeshh says:

    they deepfried an expensive meat and put it on white bread

  12. Nick Auns says:

    If you want a good sandwich go to the original Schwartz’s in Montreal,Canada and get the original smoked meat

  13. Big Boi says:

    Worth it and unsolved are the only good things on buzzfeed

  14. Trygve Evensen says:

    A *bone* in a sandwich, what kinda…

  15. Alek Dembo says:

    I want you to answer one question. What dish/experience, out of ALL seasons, was the most worth it?🧐

  16. Ryan Pascual says:


  17. Harogin says:

    I cant believe that i just saw Binging with Babish on Worth It.

  18. Owen Fu says:

    *This series is the only series that ages like fine wine*

  19. Brig McMullin says:

    These dudes have to have eaten over half a million dollars of food on this show

    • tyrant351 says:

      Nah– most expensive item on this show ever was, iirc, the $2,000 pizza. I’d say at this point? Maybe between 5 and 10 grand.

      The show’s definitely cost more than a million though because good lord the travel fees.

    • natyx24 says:

      H a l f a d i l l I o n m o l l a r s

  20. Drip says:

    should have went to new orleans for a poboy instead of hot chicken

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