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  1. Samcrac says:

    Jake I was rooting for you the entire 1 minute 8 seconds! Can I please just get my $29.99 back; singles are fine

  2. whatever says:

    Everyone mentioning the $1 bills, obviously just the leftovers from the strip club.

  3. German Suplex says:

    Askren vs Paul is like that meme, “would you take a punch in the face from your best friend for 1 million??”

  4. Kyra Reinius says:

    Imagine saying you’re a boxer without ever have had a fight against another boxer 💀

  5. J Wildcat1216 says:

    “I used to landscape for $10 for an hour” well looks like your yard could use some mowing right now.

    • J Wildcat1216 says:

      @M calm your ass down 12 year old fan boy

    • pabl0flex0 says:

      @Young Loud stfu

    • cole Bruett says:

      @Young Loud dammmmn bro I just checked out some of your stuff man and honestly… it’s trash. Can’t even hear tf you’re saying most the time. All your songs are just garage sale knock offs with surface level lyrics. but hey keep tryin my man I’m sure you’ll get better 🤙

    • Jose Martinez says:

      @Colonel Sanders can I get a famous bowl with a raspberry ice tea. And some hot sauces on the side please

  6. CraverCuts says:

    He meant to say “who should I fight that’s already retired next?”

  7. Potatoninja Hiya says:

    So you are telling me I switched through 8 different channels just to see ben get ko in two seconds

  8. ROSE -T[A]P ON [M][Y] PicTuRE says:

    The only people who took “L’s” where the people who bought the fight. Lol

    • Josh Lee says:

      @wolfcapital_ what are u talking about kid… Bieber’s mic got cut off bc his performance was shite, my eyes bled when I saw the tiktok girls, and buffer called askren “Askew”, it was so unprofessional and boring but ofc u liked it u jake paul wannabe. sit down son and watch ur disney channel and tiktoks

    • Just killed a woman feeling good says:

      @YEET OMEGA it’s a bot that steals comments

    • Raynaldo Rodriguez says:

      I bought the fight because $50 is nothing to me. If you can’t afford $50 then you are the one who deserves a “L” 😂

    • DE Xodiac says:

      @Matt Dawson yes because one hit is getting your ass kicked😂🤣

  9. HoodLife Physique Transformations says:

    I hear the junior Olympic Norwegian figure skating team has your next opponent.

  10. Caleb Jack's 101 Vilms says:

    “if you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to”

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