6ix9ine Returns With “GOOBA” | Genius News

6ix9ine Returns With “GOOBA” | Genius News

In the midst of a war of words with Meek Mill, 6ix9ine is back today with his first song since he was arrested on gun and drug charges in late 2018. He first revealed the song, titled “GOOBA,” and then went on Instagram Live to air his grievances to 2 million people.

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Watch the official music video for “GOOBA”:

Jacques Morel, Senior Correspondent
Delisa Shannon, Associate Producer
Joe Ali News Video Producer/Editor
Tia Hill, Senior Producer

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105 Responses

  1. XoriNyrious says:

    Imagine some one going to jail to come back to millions

  2. Tanyaradzwa Janga says:

    6ix9ine got a cheat code to the world 😭

  3. 1629 jxxdon says:

    The internet just got very interesting very quickly.

  4. GHOST T.V. says:

    He hasn’t changed at all…. 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. 1629 jxxdon says:

    All of this we already knew, Genius just needed to ride the wave. 😂

  6. Young Orange says:

    He really said hiphops least favorite troll 😂

  7. OLBAP VG says:

    This dude just said he the most hatted rapper bruh is we good

    • S? says:

      @Codyn Ops they werent loyal to him, so why he be loyal to them? idc if someone ain’t loyal to me, I would snitch too. no one wants to get 47 years in jail.

    • 29- 0 says:

      When you spell “hated” there’s no extra t.
      *Are you dumb, stupid or dumb, huh?*

    • Kaylise Sky says:

      S? Fr

    • a r says:

      @Beast Mode exactly… he is fronting like he something but he is just a bitch and thats why nobody ever was loyal to him. He didn’t earn shit and then ratted on the people which he told to shoot for him like dafuq. U must be very ignorant to have missed that one

    • Phoenix-King 77 says:

      Beast Mode Fr. I’d snitch in a minute

  8. gtabro says:

    Lol it’s like he was on a pause. Literally kept the same energy for years, kinda impressive idk

    • vaughn amir. says:

      @MDB November 2018 – May 2020

    • brad シ says:

      MDB he was gone he was gone a year and a half

    • NO FUCKS GIVEN says:

      I guess you guys are impressed with someone snitching ruining multiple lives for shit he told them to do

    • brad シ says:

      NO FUCKS GIVEN yeah it’s pretty impressive

    • Derrick Jenkins says:

      It’s because he was Federal asset the whole time. Look up COINTELPRO or informants like Whitey Bulgar….”how did he get away with all that stuff”….he was working for the federal government the whole time.

  9. Jim Beauchamp says:

    Lmao y’all just had to put “I LET MY NUTS HANG” in the video

  10. BANDS RUNZ says:

    Everybody called him a snitch before he got out, it was like a trend. And now that he’s out and everybody saying the king is back… That’s just disgusting

    • Broke_boi_moses says:

      Bruh fr tho he mentioned like back in 2018 them guys be dissing him online but in real life they gonna pretend they envy him and asks for autograph I was like wait wut?

    • Machete The god says:

      KTG Dakkaii nigga are you dumb all rappers do that you hating for no reason

    • Priii says:

      @BANDS RUNZ nah he aint ever say that shit before he went to jail , hes a rat and is guilt tripping yall niggas

    • Ghostin says:

      Wait a minute he isn’t black? Why is he saying the N word then well being like to give fucks when it sides with their opinion

    • Machete The god says:

      Ghostin I don’t think any race other then blacks should be able to say the n word but I’d rather have a Mexican say it then a white dude

  11. r6mee says:

    lmao he makin fun of himself nd makin ppl even more mad 🤣🤣

  12. Chy Sayeh says:

    man jacques sounds like he doesn’t even wanna cover this lmao he sounds exhausted

  13. TG WOWSI says:

    The Colored Haired Thanos is Back

  14. Animation Chronicles says:

    Oof..who knew this song had so much meaning..it went over my head..like soooo many times

  15. VuziTube says:

    Biggest Comeback of 2020. Don’t @ me

  16. Marcos Rivera says:

    he still Taking that BIG W

  17. Sean Clarke says:

    This man has taken being a Troll to the next level

  18. Ditditto The Dark Lxrd says:

    Hey ppl the internet just came back

  19. Young Dommy says:

    He’s definitely a final boss character now 😂

  20. UNKNOWN ** says:

    This man comes back and just breaks the whole dam internet 🤣

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