7.9 earthquake hits near Kodiak, AK

7.9 earthquake hits near Kodiak, AK

Millions under tsunami warning, being sent to higher ground.

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105 Responses

  1. Chad supernugget Hogue says:

    Thats a shallow quake its a bad one hope everyone is ok i live in wa state thats scary …possible big waves coming be careful everyone

  2. pa226pable says:

    The news stations love the possibility of death and destruction 😂

    • EDM SQUAD iTrap iTrance iClub iChill #SquadUp says:

      What do you expect, they’re ran by blood sucking pedophile fake Jews

    • ozen says:

      That’s because the public eats it up like ravenous pigs.

    • James Russell says:

      Jose Perez Yes, there absolutely people that seek and hope for destruction. Example, if I suddenly saw a news bulletin going “Breaking News: a mysterious volcano just blew Palestine to smithereens I would be ecstatic”. The same would be for if South America suddenly got swallowed up by the sea: unparalleled joy. But that is an extreme example I suppose. The point (that several seem to agree with; you stupid fucking wetback) is that destruction and danger adds an element of excitement to boring lives
      Also, learn to read because I never mentioned people wanting destruction (illiterate retard) I simply stated that destruction adds an element of drama and excitement. Honeslty, how fucking retarded are you that you cannot read a three sentence post and understand it properly? That is an actual question; what exactly is your disability?

    • Ordonity says:

      of course. It means more views

    • Yankee Fan101 says:

      Well duh, the more death and destruction the more attention it will get and more people will watch the news. The fact is more people will gravitate to a negative story then a positive news story. Theirs a reason stations air much more stories about bad things then about good things happening.

  3. Nix Six says:

    Im just waiting for the liberals to start blaming Trump.

  4. Jacob Schneider says:

    no matter what happens, two things can be certain, The MSM will not cover this, and if they do, it will be Trumps and the Russians fault regardless of the facts….

    • BuNGEE kid says:

      Nothing Left you can’t prevent earthquakes what the fuck are you on

    • Nothing Left says:

      BuNGEE kid Are you trolling or stupid? I’m not saying that. The news, mainstream media is reporting it. Lern 2 reed. 😉

    • BuNGEE kid says:

      Nothing Left I don’t see where they’re reporting that but yes I do realize now what you’re saying lol.

    • Nothing Left says:

      BuNGEE kid I apologise. I just thought you were trying to be an asshole. You know how YouTube is. Lol. Anyhow, not sure where you live, but I’m in Oregon and on channels 2 and 8, which are both owned and operated by MSM, have both reported similar stories to what I was saying. I don’t know how they do it with a straight face. I wish I knew how to do the YouTube thing. I would have recorded it and uploaded it. -_-

    • Raphael Heredia says:

      much edge, bro.

  5. Traci Marsh says:

    I live in Kodiak, AK. It was pretty scary, our house was shaking like crazy. I got so scared that I ran to the bedroom to get my baby dressed. Just blessed that all of my family and friends are in the safe zones!!

    • Transforming The Bear says:

      A few years ago, we felt the earthquake in NC that generated in Virginia or Kentucky. Some felt it, some didn’t, but the shaking happened all the way down to Georgia. I believe her when she said she felt it, especially if she lives in an apartment. You’ll feel it more on top floors of small buildings.

    • Abigail Goodenough says:

      Praying for you and your family 🙏🏻 6.4 earthquake here in Indonesia today and i was at school and your about to experience a 7.9.. Hope you do ok

    • Kawaii B Panda says:

      Traci Marsh Im glad your family and you are okay

    • Underage AIDS says:

      good in soldotna

    • oxodanel says:

      Stay safe and take every safety percussion to avoid any injuries to urself and ur child! Love from California

  6. Ryan Rogers says:

    Disasters are too great now. Things are too crazy. There have been multiple volcanos, water disappearing, at least one tsunami.. false missile threats.. war getting worse and so much other shit is happening.. in the last 2 fucking weeks.. something is happening to the Earth. Doomsday is close.. ask your lord for forgiveness.

    • Įnånø Wølf says:

      Ryan Rogers Disasters are too great now? It’s because Humans — Every single one alive — are ruining the Earth. The only reason why these are increasing is because humans are growing in population. Too bad natural selection won’t take out the idiots. So, yes, ask your “Lord” for forgiveness, as we are all destroying everything in our path. The Earth will heal itself — when we’re dead.

    • ryan sayad says:

      Ryan Rogers are you fucking high?

    • DisobeyToday says:

      Ryan Rogers – multiple volcanoes? Volcanic eruptions created the atmosphere and most of the land we use for standing on.
      At least one Tsunami? = LOL
      Water disappearing. Like evaporation? = LOL
      Wars are getting worse? Just LOL

    • ozen says:

      Los Elotes It’s gonna be lit

    • Abel Villa says:

      Ryan Rogers God is a horrible being if it’s the one causing all these terrible tragedies why the hell would I praise a being that causes this much pain and misery?

  7. J Hern says:

    Underground war?🤔

  8. Filipino Papi says:

    Praying for Japan,Philippines,Alaska 🙏🏼

  9. Frances Taylor says:

    Pray for one another bless all ❤️🙏🌈💫

  10. Solx says:

    When one prays to God. and God listens. i would ask that any tsunami be directed at Cali,s state legislators.

  11. Fue Khang says:

    2018 here we go

  12. Raquel Guzman says:

    OMG a tsunami ! very near The United States ! What a terrible morning Awakening

  13. Aleut says:

    Thank you god! got us through all this 😊

    • Zoke says:

      88 No you dumb god is real you poop

    • Raisin says:

      HARDCOREgmr4lyf so basically you’re also saying to not let them say what they want? I’m a Christian but seriously people like you just make us look tough, I don’t want to look like a tough religion, I just want to believe in my religion, I respect and religions and people who don’t believe in a God. I pray for everyone.

    • Ryan Williamson says:

      “I don’t Want to be rude” but if god is real wouldnt he be the one that caused the earthquake? hurrrrduuuurrrr.
      I’m all for religion but some people need to think before speaking. you people act like “god” Is a magic word that makes everything OK😂

    • Kool kids Klan says:

      Ryan Williamson I’m an atheist but you’re a fucking idiot. Let’s say god is real yeah? Well that doesn’t mean he caused the earthquake you subhuman, that’s still the effect of tectonic plates shifting, even to Christians.

    • DisobeyToday says:

      Aleut – can you please explain what actions God took and how those actions got you through this? You might just make a believer out of me

  14. Nicole Castro says:

    May god protect those people 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  15. KWEBBLASTER 12 says:

    Lemme pray

  16. Nartea Bay says:

    oh its just foxxy news

  17. chris p says:

    Does the beginning of a 7.9 earthquake video really have “GO EAGLES” on the closed captions?

    Run to higher ground but also……..GO EAGLES!!!!! /s

  18. UltimateSumo Wager says:

    Holy shit An earthquake!!!

  19. Jaime 04 says:

    The End Is Near … 🙏

  20. Claire Knight says:

    Meanwhile Trump wants offshore drilling to be more prominent in these coastal areas. This is why it’s so dangerous!

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