7 Foreign Remakes of American TV Shows (GAME)

7 Foreign Remakes of American TV Shows (GAME)

Do we still recognize our favorite TV shows after they’re been remade in foreign countries? GMM #1346
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62 Responses

  1. Justin Y. says:

    Don’t forget the powerpuff girls anime

  2. Stephanie Cunningham says:

    I never knew I needed to hear Link sing a parody version of American Woman.

  3. mistressheather says:

    “I’ll be Heather if you want”; what I say whenever a customer comes into my work.

  4. senaru rathninda says:

    It’s me B’day

  5. Billiam Skilliam says:

    *AMEIRCAN!* Idk why that hit me so hard this morning, but it turned my frown upside down.

  6. Veridian says:

    I bet there’s a Zimbabwean remake of Good Mythical Morning out there

  7. SATURDAZED says:

    “It changes your whole butt.”
    -Rhett McLaughlin, 2018

  8. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    Only Kardashian I like is Kyle😍🍆🍑.

  9. EZ GoinGamers says:

    yeah! Skyline Chili! Don’t knock it ’til you try it guys!

  10. clawiyDC4ever says:

    First time they mention my country on gmm :’-)
    Greetings from Chile 🇨🇱💕

    • Mitchell Lubline says:

      olivia michal I’m 4hrs due north in Cleveland from you. And clawlydc4ever they mentioned Chile a few times on the international food challenges.

    • clawiyDC4ever says:

      Camila Rojas Tú sí sabes 😏 jajajaj

    • clawiyDC4ever says:

      Mitchell Lubline Hmm, that’s weird, I’m sure I’ve watched all of them and they’ve never mentioned Chile before if I remember correctly… They’ve talk about Argentina, Perú, etc. tho, so idk.

    • Maca Mettroz says:

      Hay más chilenooos!!! Hola a todos 👋
      (no tenía idea que existía un remake chilensis de Modern Family)

    • clawiyDC4ever says:

      Maca Mettroz Yo me enteré hace poco, de hecho la están dando de nuevo en el UCV en la tarde :O

  11. Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez says:

    You have to channel your thoughts to come up with a joke about TV shows that’s even remotely funny.

  12. RhettyforFun says:

    Some of those looked pretty good!

  13. Matthew Schell says:

    I knew that exact scene from Breaking Bad

  14. dvlpr says:

    Man this one’s kind of lame today 😭

  15. koooo34 says:

    That was obviously Leonard and not Sheldon.

  16. Markos Symeonides says:

    13:21 Did Alex just pull the bird at the crew?

  17. Rusty says:

    Apparently I’m a top fan on Facebook 🙂

  18. Michelle Kneeland says:

    The only one I knew was the Big Bang Theory…

  19. Charles Lumia says:

    Chris Hardwick seems innocent to me. I read what his ex-girlfriend said and it included him not wanting her to go out doing drugs with random dudes. That seems pretty reasonable lol. If she didn’t like it she should have moved on instead of staying together for years.

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