7 MYTHS You Still Believe About Airplanes

7 MYTHS You Still Believe About Airplanes

You can survive an airplane crash!? Is the air in airplanes unhealthy? What happens if the plane is punctured? Today I bust these and more of the biggest MYTHS you were ever told about AIRPLANES!
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Written/Edited by: Matthew Santoro, Jim Vaylin, Brock Sumner


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20 Responses

  1. 627462834 Pug says:

    imma correct you, but the oxygen masks are designed to give everyone around
    10 minutes of oxygen, This gives the pilot enough time to descend to an
    altitude with more oxygen is in the surrounding air in case the cabin
    depressurizes for what ever reason.

  2. Jayjkilla NZ says:

    jesus fuck why did i watch this

  3. Daniel Campion says:

    From the snap family.

  4. vBeta says:


  5. Ivaylo Bonev says:

    It’s not that there is less oxygen the higher you go – the oxugen level is
    the same; it’s the lower pressure that keeps it from entering the blood
    easily. That’s why, for example, if one stays, say, a week, in a mountain
    at 4000 m height, at first he/she would feel as if they’re suffocating, but
    later on they’d be ok. It’s not because the body gets used to using less
    oxygen, it’s because one gets used to the lower pressure. So technically
    the oxygen masks not only provide you with more oxygen to calm you down (if
    that is the reason, not too sure about it), but they also provide you with
    pressurised air that you are used to breathing with.

  6. Right Meow says:

    *7 MYTHS you still believe about BLACK people*

  7. Josephine Diaz says:

    I love how this video came out a week before I fly to Puerto Rico!

  8. Nuziburt 3rd says:

    Uhhhh, i shouldn’t watch this!!!

  9. Ziggije says:

    With the fuselage damage, you should look up Aloha flight 243

  10. Jameson Carter says:

    I love the part where he said pass me a chunk of co-pilot

  11. jasbean bean says:

    Matthew Santoro videos are awesome I always learn something new ??

  12. ManishReddyManish says:

    aeroplanes* bruhhh

  13. FaZe Sleep says:

    7 myths in 7 minutes

  14. MLG caillou gaming says:

    From the snapchat family

  15. MrSleeps says:

    I know one truth about airplanes. They’re extremely inefficient.

  16. Concrete Cloud says:

    People still use planes to fly?

  17. HumbleAlmondBundle says:


  18. Wink The Wolf says:

    Why am I watching this? I’m leaving to go on a plane in about 2 days

  19. Meek Gaming says:

    I wonder what he looks like with hair

  20. Alien says:

    According to a study by saying according to a study people will believe it