7th-grader shoots himself at Jackson Memorial Middle School in Stark County

7th-grader shoots himself at Jackson Memorial Middle School in Stark County

7th-grader shoots himself at Jackson Memorial Middle School in Stark County

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  1. Tryingto Begood says:

    Do you think it helps to put this all over the news???

  2. Ethan says:

    I went to this school… my younger sister is there right now

  3. TruthSeeker08 says:

    I want to know how this kid got a gun!??!

    • Boba Vhett says:

      Maybe it was in dad’s drawer
      Or it was locked in a safe that they weren’t careful about who to not give the passcode to.
      Or it was locked in a safe and the code was written down and he found it
      Or it was in a safe with no written down passcode but he saw his parents put the combination in once but they didn’t know he knew.
      Point is you can never just say they were shitty parents because there’s always a way

    • Momo Universe says:

      Danny Sullivan my thing is that if the parents would take the time to talk their children and self harm and expressing their feelings, this probably wouldn’t have happened. The parents also need to make sure that it’s hard for anyone to access the gun. (Hide ammo, lock the gun up somewhere, etc) I’m from Texas and I believe in the Second Amendment but I believe that means gun moderation. Not buying several guns to the point of which you have a collection to choose from. I believe that every household, yes, should have a weapon to PROTECT the household, not destroy the world.

    • Jon360 says:

      I’m just glad there are more people in this country that practice gun safety with their kids so that this doesn’t happen as often as people think

    • Gerald Landhartz says:

      TruthSeeker08 Parents who don’t keep their guns away in a safe place

    • Jason Jewell Davis says:

      TruthSeeker08 lol idk

  4. Breana Le says:

    Everyone is fine now because my friends and sister was in there, so they’re fine

    This morning when I was on the bus going to school, We STOPPED on the 8th stop and the radio for all buses to stop and listen and then they told us to go back home and the elementary schools were closed and the children that were on the bus were token home including me

  5. WZTwiggs says:

    I don’t know what anyone here can add. I wish we were safe. 2018 is rough.

  6. P y says:

    Nothing will be done as usual. America is so sick if it were new born babies no one would give a damn!!

  7. Слава Україні says:

    when the edgy kid shoots himself in class

  8. Jared Davis says:

    Is I just me or do other people suspect whether or not there is some secret occult that is triggering our youth to do these unspeakable acts? I’m not suggesting that these shooting aren’t the repercussions of a mentally ill or emotionally challenged individual handling a gun- but we’ve had AR 15s in this country (some fully automatic) for the past 60 years; but we are seeing these incidents occur more and more often lately in the past 20 years. We have had pistols in this country almost ever European settlement into America; but once again, these shooting are more and more prevalent now then ever before. Not trying to be a “Fake news” commentator, but I just feel like there is more to these horrendous casualties than just a mentally ill or emotionally challenged child or adult handling firearms.

    • FlashRoyale says:

      It’s because of the Florida incident bringing “inspiration” for other suicidal/ angry teens to cause this. Blame the news

    • FlashRoyale says:

      Adam thank you, agreed 100%

    • cmann937 says:

      Jared Davis I would attribute it to higher stress in the environments of the youth, and that events like these often inspire other events. The less coverage these get, the less likely there is going to be another event soon after

    • FlashRoyale says:

      cmann937 thank you! Finally! Someone who gets it

    • cheesy n i b b a says:

      It’s hard to accept the reality that people (at least this generation’s below 30’s) just had shitty childhoods with parents that constantly degraded them, other children & maybe even teachers that bullied them, or just horrible shitty lives in general. But your theory may be correct to some point.

  9. Allan Velez says:

    How many kids have to die before it’s enough?.. this world is fucked, so let’s fix it!

  10. xDurdead1 says:

    at least he didnt go for a nuclear before this

  11. Ivy J. says:

    and of course nobody’s doing anything.

  12. SJkid39 says:


  13. Hating me is conforming says:

    Thats one way to get out of taking the test.

  14. Ian and Taryn Podcast says:

    I would have these parents in for investigating so quick. 100% crap parents if this happens, get to know your kids people and if you are the cause fix yourself. Growing up is hard, its not easy to talk about but please open up the dialogue with your kids. So sad

  15. Isaac Castro says:

    We need more guns, dont you see?

  16. SmokeADaKoosh says:

    We need to teach kids how to express their thoughts and emotions in healthy ways so they don’t express them through guns.

    • HeartLiz says:

      or gun control so CHILDREN can’t have the option to shoot themself.

    • Cody says:

      This comment is so fucking dumb.. seriously.

    • SpoopyGhostMan '_' says:

      SmokeADaKoosh Especially with kids that have autism. I have autism, and I have a hard time communicating with others. Noting that, I feel like an outcast, and as such, I often think of shooting myself or others. I never plan on such, luckily.

    • Joe Jane says:

      I have a feeling easy access to the internet at a young age contributes to weak mental health and incidents like this, aside from the parents’ fault for possibly not securing their gun well enough or failing to discuss their child’s state of mind.
      We need to tell parents to stop letting their children excessively use tablets or smartphones at the age of 5, only to grow up to be robotic, narcissistic, lazy, antisocial and unstable people due to a lack of communication and building of healthy relationships with real people and becoming ‘depressed’ (i.e., I think they caused my problems, so I will not try to fix myself) as a result.
      I can tell you, having gone to high school within the last decade or so, children are becoming increasingly less communicative in real life situations, less creative, more anxious and worried of what others may think, unwilling to connect with new people for long periods of time. The internet may not be directly responsible for this, but an unregulated and unhealthy amount of exposure to it may, I believe.

  17. Eliza h. says:

    If only adults cared about how many teens have suicidal thoughts, less of this would happen. These youngsters need more attention to their emotions

  18. ☻Here's My Opinion☻ says:

    2 months into the year and it’s already gone to shit

  19. Rafa YouTube says:

    Each year we go by it keeps getting worse.

  20. CommonCents says:

    Liberals be like: Ban assault depression!

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