8 Burger Gadgets put to the Test

8 Burger Gadgets put to the Test

10 Grill Gadgets put to the Test – https://youtu.be/g0HwqYuXIt8

howtoPRANKitup – https://www.youtube.com/user/howtoprankitup

6 Best Avocado Gadgets put to the Test – https://youtu.be/KcoNgZG8N3A

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49 Responses

  1. Damian Bouman says:

    a burger costs 1 like, take as much as you want

  2. rAwAdHeRo says:

    9:25 ohhh this so easy

    Smashes the table

  3. Goodi2shooz says:

    Yer killin me with those burgers sticking to the grill…you need to review some nonstick grill gadgets

  4. Kevin says:

    Looks at raw meat – “that looks delicious”

  5. hkjuhu campbell says:

    I think you forgot to spray the grill with non-stick stuff.

  6. Catherine B. says:

    4:57 Dennis *Gently places burger* Taras “Beautiful.” *Throws burger* 5:51 Dennis “That’s cute!” Taras *smashes burger on table* ?

  7. NorseCelt says:

    So let’s put raw meat onto the less than clean table and continuously wear the same gloves while opening packages and handling raw meat. And using the same spatula on raw and cooked meats.

  8. John Wick says:

    Making boogar without salt and pepper is a *CRIME TOO*

  9. Donald Kline Photography says:

    wow as someone who has worked in catering and food prep, cross contamination anyone.

    • Malaki Cowboys says:

      Donald Kline Photography yup they were using the same spatula for the raw meat and the cooked meat SMH

    • RedChaosify Reviews says:

      And then they used their hands for the last one. So my guess is did they touch their plates with raw meat hands or what?

  10. Jay Cee says:

    I hope they cleaned that table, because safety is numba wun pwyority

  11. Micah Philson says:

    I saw Dennis and thought I must have somehow misclicked on a 2 year old video!
    It’s been awhile since we’ve seen him here!

  12. howtoPRANKitup says:

    Burger heads

  13. waqas pathan says:

    but wheres the seasoning gadgets why are you guys eating it bland??

  14. Micah Philson says:

    6:56 The BOOMs are contagious!

  15. g j says:

    Grill wasn’t hot enough. That’s why it had some cooking issues.

  16. Cody Bertsch says:

    Anyone else get mad everytime they flipped the burger way too early

  17. ElleCullen17 says:

    8:33 “I think there done.” It’s still so raw I can hear it mooing!

  18. Karen Feng says:

    Dang I think u guys forgot to season the beef ?

  19. Ximena711 says:

    You’re flipping the burgers TOO Early…

  20. Syn Subedii says:

    1:02 that’s what I said last night

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