8 Money-Saving Food Hacks To Try Now

8 Money-Saving Food Hacks To Try Now

Quick and Simple ways to save money on groceries, make your food last longer and even how to make simple snacks on a budget!
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We will cover the following:
1. How to buy groceries that last longer
2. Vacuum Sealing
3. Saving Money on Chicken
4. Spend Less at the Grocery Store
5. How to store vegetables to make them last longer
6. How to make Taco Shells (DIY Taco Shells)
7. DIY Cheese Sticks!
8. Checking if fruits are ripe

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20 Responses

  1. HouseholdHacker says:

    *What’s up Notification Squad?*
    Do you have any tips or tricks for saving money on groceries, snacks or food in general?

  2. BMAN488877 says:

    Or just stop eating. Much better. I’ve saved over 10.000 bucks since

  3. RumpleForeskin says:

    You don’t wanna be an asshole though. The store manager has to keep track of what spoils soon so they can remove it when it does. If people keep pulling out stuff from the back and also shoving old items further back in the process, more stuff spoils and there’s a higher chance of someone buying something spoiled as well…

  4. Stephen H says:

    American logic…buy the milk 5 jugs back to last 5 extra days…that way they can throw away the 4 in front…waste…waste…waste….

  5. BobTGaming says:

    Yes, Begin the video showing someones Bum

  6. Captain Mittens says:

    Life Hack: Never go grocery shopping while high, munchies will break your wallet!

  7. Jack Mura says:

    That chicken looked disgusting

  8. Penguation Animation says:

    I prefer shopping when hungry because I’ll buy stuff that I’ll eat when I get hungry. otherwise I might not buy much at all because nothing sounds good to eat when I’m not hungry and when I do get hungry Ill then have nothing to eat

  9. Mohammed Usaid says:

    Good Looking dish there!!!

  10. Bhumi Patel says:

    I want blue apron

  11. ConstantinIV says:

    Yes… squish all the avocados and pic at them, I’m sure this will improve quality for everyone!


    By far the best money-saving tip was “Don’t go to the grocery store hungry”

  13. SlimeLover 32 says:

    U post so much know I love it♥️

  14. Nate says:

    All you need is cheese sticks and wanton rappers. Oh, and a FRICKEN DEEP FRYER.

  15. TheOctober Scarf says:

    Save money by buying the tech needed to vacuum seal your food.

  16. Hanin Angel says:


  17. Kippenkop Kuikenei says:

    Since when is cutting a chicken a lifehack?

  18. RoganOlson says:

    That first scene in the Fred Meyers is right by my house!

  19. devilambrose says:

    Not going though your whole video after the milk,
    man, asking everyone to reach for the newest milk means there will be milk wasted when most fo us will be able to finish them within the use by date.
    NOT giving you the LIKE this time, wasteing food sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Van Allen says:

    lmao! Cheese fried in wantons is “healthier”
    Excuse me while I wrap this slice of cake in a wanton XD

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