9th Grade Sleepovers

9th Grade Sleepovers

This was recorded at an actual sleepover party in 2007. There are no actors in this film

Written by:
Jimmy Tatro
Christian A. Pierce

Jimmy Tatro
Christian A. Pierce
Eddie Walton

Shot by:
Keith Woolf

Edited by:
Jimmy Tatro

Sound Mixing:
Brian Zaghi

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20 Responses

  1. SyLifeGames says:

    jimmy is back!!!!!

  2. Jamaal Windom says:

    +Paul Harper lol I see what you did there.

  3. Icelandic_Impact says:

    Do more of these !

  4. boardbreaker118z says:


  5. Rye72199 says:

    HAHAHAHA taking shots at Crespi I see 

  6. Nikki Harris says:

    Classic Ryan.

  7. Cesar Lobato says:

    Drinking expired milk while spinning,what could go wrong

  8. Ethan Moore says:


  9. Nelson Torres says:

    2007 the year giants won the SuperBowl good year :)

  10. Seth Jacobs says:

    +Carson Hunt I’m the same age as Jimmy. It’s pretty accurate. Lol

  11. Nerazzurro1997 says:

    at 3:23 i couldn’t stop laughing

  12. ar nold says:

    haha the velour pants on Christian. That was the thing back in the days.

  13. pensfan8171 says:

    I’m in 11th grade and I can confirm that this is painfully true haha!

  14. Joe Roth says:

    Hype Man 2

  15. MrJindujun says:

    Fuck that shit, gimme back ma timez

  16. devinsux says:

    Video length of 420. I approve

  17. Nick6Michael says:

    Hey, guys, you know what, it’s funny…I FUCKING LMFAO ASS OFF XD

  18. Alex Gamota says:

    Do another drunk questions 

  19. Daniel Powers says:

    haha best sleepover video

  20. WWE JAKE says:

    Lol notice that every sleepover video starts out with “so”