A Christmas Story Christmas | Official Teaser | HBO Max

A Christmas Story Christmas | Official Teaser | HBO Max

On November 17, Ralphie returns. #AChristmasStoryChristmas is coming exclusively to HBO Max. Full trailer coming soon!

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40 Responses

  1. Jude Santana says:

    My mom and I watch the first movie every year. such a tradition since I was born so many memories, countless times my family quotes the iconic lines, I’m sure for so many many many other families too. I feel almost in shock I’m so excited. Chills beyond belief.

  2. Nomadic Fanatic says:

    If he’s not blind from soap poisoning, you can’t even air this series.

  3. R. Rogers says:

    As a resident of Cleveland (and of 1980s-1990s nostalgia) this has me PUMPED!!
    I’ve visited the house in the film several times. It sits as an attraction and museum today in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland.

  4. Henry Manuel says:

    As someone who only just watched A Christmas Story two Christmases ago, I’m super excited!

  5. Trina Q says:

    I’m so excited to see Peter Billingsley return to his iconic role as Ralphie after so long. 🥰

  6. The Dragonsnort Channel says:

    I must’ve been living under a rock because I had no idea they were doing a sequel to a beloved classic. That being said, I’m going to be cautiously optimistic

    • Lucas McDonald says:

      There’s actually three sequels already My Summer Story, Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven of Bliss, and A Christmas Story 2. None of which I’ve seen so I can’t tell you the quality but I assume they are not very good.

    • Big K Movies and Games says:

      @Daniel Marinucci
      This is actually the third sequel.

    • 4862cjc says:

      @The Dragonsnort Channel: I share your cautious optimism. On one hand, I am excited to see it. On the other hand, the author of the original story, Jean Shepherd, has been deceased for several years. The writing will be key.

    • Daniel Marinucci says:

      There is a second a Christmas story movie. It was released on video only.
      It’s ralphie at 16, and the same hijinks. None of the original cast are in it. The best line in the movie is when the mother says “it’s back from the dead” because 16 year old ralphie bought another leg lamp for the father.

    • Joshua Ethridge says:

      This isn’t the first “sequal.”

  7. Manna Berry Lab says:

    Excited to see Peter Billingsley return! I teared up when I noticed his laugh wrinkles. I triple dog dare you to not get nostalgic about this!!!

  8. Captain Loose Seal says:

    We just need one more sequel to A Christmas Story for it to have just as many direct sequels to it as Terminator 2 does.

  9. OleGranTad says:

    I wanna see a 24 hours of A Christmas Story marathon but have both movies back to back. The TRUE evolution of humanity.

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