A Closer Look: Hillary Clinton and the Basket of Deplorables

A Closer Look: Hillary Clinton and the Basket of Deplorables

Seth examines the presidential race’s focus on both candidates’ health records and the uproar over Hillary Clinton’s deplorables comment levied against Donald Trump supporters.
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A Closer Look: Hillary Clinton and the Basket of Deplorables- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Cody Davies says:

    Basket of Deplorables…
    Barrel of Monkeys…
    Lunatics running the Asylum…
    Whatevs, same dif, all true.

  2. No “More” Soldiers says:

    You should have shown the time when Trump essentially said 50% of
    *Americans* are lazy bums leeching off of the other 50%.
    Look up *”Donald Trump: Eventually 50% Of Americans Are Not Going To Be
    Able to Carry The Other 50%.”* on realclearpolitics.

  3. Kristoffer Norman says:

    America is surely a retarded country.

  4. YF Zhang says:

    Mike Pence can do comedy!

  5. KingOfMadCows says:

    Trump supporters are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic. And some, I
    assume, are good people.

  6. TheKsae says:

    all Trump supporters claim PC is run amok. when Hilary “tells it like it
    is”, everyone is up in arms…. which is it, do you want PC or not?

  7. juan “wgjung” gomez says:

    They are more than a basket. A trailer park of deplorables.

  8. FSJGuy78 says:

    not all Trump supporters are racist, but all racists are Trump

  9. Gunman610 says:

    “Basket of Deplorables” really seems like a stupid blunder, but was it?
    Because of what she said, journalists are forced to admit that, yeah, the
    stuff that a huge number of Trump supporters are saying is really bad. And
    you can excuse random idiots for saying dumb things, but one of them, David
    Duke, is running for Senate.

    So, politically speaking, how much of a misstep was her statement, really?

  10. Maryam A says:

    I have stopped watching the Fox News a long time ago Fox News is nothing
    but Liars

  11. fishhead06 says:

    American journalism is dead and now it’s all nationally televised gossip
    round the cracker barrel. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be
    President of the United States? It’s like guarding a death row inmate on
    suicide watch.

  12. Hi Jack says:

    Wow man… American elections are so awesome..You never know what is gonna
    happen tomorrow

  13. fidorover says:

    “Just give me a sec to find that Hillary quote, it’s here somewhere… oh,
    here it is… nope, these are the MapQuest directions I printed out to get to
    Applebee’s after this… it’s Karaoke Night… oh, here it is… nope, that’s the
    lease for my new Lexus… oh, here we go… nope, that’s Donald Trump’s 2012
    tax return… not sure how *that* got here… oh, here we go… nope, that’s a
    letter from Publisher’s Clearing House… apparently, I may already be a
    winner… fingers crossed… oh, here we go… nope, this appears to be some sort
    of “Dear John” letter from my wife… wait, someone married me?… weird… aha,
    here we go… nope, that’s my 1099 from Fidelity… geezus, my 401(k) is in the
    crapper… oh, here we go… nope, these are Donald’s changes to the First
    Amendment regarding the press… sending ’em all to Belarus tied to a raft
    seems a tad extreme, but… oh, here we go…”
    — *Mike Pence*

  14. Jaime Lannister says:

    I want to see trump’s tax records! There has to be some GREAT stuff in

    Debt to foreign countries? Lawsuit Payouts? Absurd tax deductions? Come on
    donnie, share those tax returns!

  15. radwa awad says:

    it is diffrent people , when Hillary insults white people , it is
    disqualifying, but when Trump insults mexicans , women , muslims , African
    Americans , basically everyone who is not an american male , he is a
    patriot & want to make America great again. Lol.

  16. Juan Zep says:

    I’d say 60% of tRump supporters are deplorable cousin lovers

  17. Rayman Ghafman says:

    I think Seth Myers really found his groove, I really like his shows now.

  18. camycamo4 says:

    Seth is doing the only real reporting this election. The “lamestream
    liberal media” is scared to report the FACT, as demonstrated by the poll
    numbers Seth laid out, that many of Trump supporters are racists, bigots,
    conspiracy loon idiots. Maybe they just don’t want to believe this ugly
    truth so decide to ignore it.

  19. Mr B says:

    When 65% of Trump Supporters still think Obama wasn’t born in America
    (yeah, there’s a poll about it, just use google it), you can bet your ass
    Hillary was right calling half of them deplorable. That was her point after
    all, she said the deplorable half is racist, homophobic, xenophobic and
    etc. And that’s true.

  20. Captain Jack says:

    They’re bringing sexism. They’re racist. And some, I assume are good