A Closer Look: The Trump Foundation

A Closer Look: The Trump Foundation

Seth examines whether Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns is related to controversy surrounding his personal foundation.
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A Closer Look: The Trump Foundation- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Deebo Molina says:


    More like…..Dump

  2. Lego Insomniac says:

    Given every thing else trump has gotten away with so far, there must be
    something really bad hiding in those tax returns.

  3. Shereece Walker says:

    I was debating online with a Trump supporter & this was a rebuttal to me
    giving links of Trump flip flopping: “Little Girl I bet you think the earth
    is round too. lol” ? To my dismay, they were not joking. They believed
    NASA is lying & the earth is flat. ??

  4. Dean Champion says:

    A “billionaire” running for president of the USA rips off 8-10 year old
    girls performing on his behalf at a rally, but then brags about the
    “millions” of dollars he “gives” to charity?
    …. but can’t verify anything at all? And won’t release his tax returns?
    Then charged $250,000 per night for two police events at his home?
    Who in the hellllllll pays $250,000 per night to hold a dance?

  5. Chris Seals says:

    What the hell did they think was going to happen?…oh yeah…I forgot,
    Trump supporters don’t think.

  6. Marie Shoemaker says:

    Does Trump have any redeeming qualities at all?

  7. Fuji says:


  8. Geilson Neville says:

    I don’t mean to offend anyone , but this is my personal opinion . Trump is
    rather a hypocrite isn’t he ..? I’ve yet to find a reason to find him

  9. Sidrah Zaheer says:

    I am not a Trump supporter. Great job scrutinizing Trump, Seth. But, could
    you please do the same scrutiny on Hillary?

  10. Steve Pasquarella says:

    Meanwhile Clintons are taking sums of $10+ million at a time from
    governments that legally execute anyone that is LGBT.

  11. John Smith says:

    Every time I see those freedom kids, it feels like America’s version of
    what goes on in North Korea.

  12. 9enius says:

    He shouldn’t be polling above 8% if the media would nail him correctly on
    his bullshit

  13. Haannibal777 says:

    If I don’t like America, should I hope you go with Trump this November? If
    I do, would America be geeat or not great?

  14. Karuna Dhi says:

    Fantastic but it’s sad Trump has so much support given the facts.

  15. Pascoal Freitas says:

    this guy is master con man, it will be funny when he becomes president

  16. Toy Chest Network says:

    And Trump fans will STILL hyperventilate and profess their love of Trump.

    We don’t deserve anything good anymore.

  17. SittingOnAPorch says:

    A woman in her late 30s calls her father “Daddy”

    Wtf is this race? Seriously. Wtf is happening?

  18. Gibran says:

    But they don’t talk about The Clinton foundation stealing Millions from
    Haiti relief funds. The establishment want Hillary to continue globalist
    war agendas.

  19. Skywalker1138 says:

    Trump has been 6’2″ for his whole life until now. Now he is 6’3″. Why add
    an inch now? At 236 lbs he would have a BMI in the obese range (30.3) at
    6’2″, but 6’3″ gets him just under the obese range into the overweight
    range (29.5). Coincidence?

  20. Balls Of Valhalla says:

    when are ypu gonna do one on the clinton foundation