It’s your lucky day! You get to go on a date with the one and only Markiplier! Get ready for the biggest adventure of your life!
PAY ► https://youtu.be/D5CXycD8gnc
DON’T PAY ► https://youtu.be/23jTMFsrWdg

Big thanks to everyone that made this possible!
Pamela Horton
Robert Rexx

You are all amazing and a non-stop inspiration for me to keep pushing myself!

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20 Responses

  1. EMMANIAC says:

    The true ending is the best ending

  2. Ficky Fince says:

    That moment when you finish all the endings and even watched a 10:00 minute video of him digging a hole.

  3. Nico T says:

    Which ending did you guys get on your first try? I got the alien abduction

  4. Heeey, that's pretty good. says:


    OKAY GUYS, SO, if you’ve gotten the “digging ending” then you’ll understand. If you’ve watched Markiplier for 10 minutes digging into concrete, you will see a “secret.” If you find that “secret” which only about a few of us have so far, another possibility is at hand. Is there a hidden *bloopers* video?

  5. Kimberly Coppola says:

    did he just sniff the salad and throw my rose 🙁

  6. Tori Sanford says:

    this is actually the BEST video on YouTube. Its like a free video game with my fav Youtuber. you should do this more often

  7. Autumnfox12 says:

    Dating with markiplier
    1. Meta ending
    2. Planning so much
    3. Vanilla
    4. Chocolate
    5. Peanut butter blue
    6. Tuna triumph
    7. Alien abduction
    8. dig hole
    9. Mark ded af
    10. True ending

  8. Caitlin Koi says:

    I have had a damn shitty day today, but this made the whole day worth suffering through to get back to my computer and watch this. I’m determined to get all 10 endings (got the meta first). This is a fuckin masterpiece, never stop creating.

  9. Nickytine says:

    He threw the rose and he sniffed all the food. I’m not paying for that

  10. Nick_Master_1246 says:

    I got all endings

  11. insanetxartist says:

    This is a brilliant project! I was a big fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid, so this brought up a little nostalgia for me. 😀 Well done and really fun!

  12. Thomas the Dank Engine says:

    Not trying to sound rude or anything, and not saying that he wasn’t cute before, but think his hair looks much better now that he chopped it off. It was cool though that he stuck with his red hair for awhile 🙂

  13. Anime Joy says:

    This was so fun! I got all the endings and I still want to play again ?❤?

  14. King.of.the.squirrels says:

    Woah #5 in trending???

  15. B Developer says:


  16. Raven J. says:

    This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! It’s so creative and interesting.

  17. Red Yammer says:

    Best youtuber, best content. I totally wanted to do this kind of video. I thought of it yesterday but you got it out first, goddamn genius.

  18. john leoan says:

    Mark looks like he used to be those kids at school who talk about Minecraft and bragged about finding diamonds..

  19. Trinity Fournier says:

    Who is trying every single thing

  20. EricTheUgly Cow says:

    Thanks for letting us us it on mobile

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