A Fourth of July Celebration at the White House with the President and First Lady

A Fourth of July Celebration at the White House with the President and First Lady

Washington, DC

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20 Responses

  1. Eric Morrison says:

    Obama kill giant bear fish in Kansas

  2. wheeler1 says:

    wow! her bday is on the forth? (mine too! lol)

  3. Soul Sister Hillary says:

    Right On Brother!

  4. Super Saumon says:

    “So when are the 2 of you going to team up and drop a bomb ass tune?”
    President Obama right after this speech

  5. THIS IS OUR TIME says:


  6. A8vscRrabbit says:

    obama sucks

  7. Kimberly Allen says:

    Happy birthday, Malia!

  8. James Lovette-Black says:

    That’s my President and one of the First Daughters! I admire President
    Obama and his family is a national treasure. Happy birthday, Malia! And the
    US of A.

  9. Faisal Ali says:

    was that birdman behind kendrick lamar

  10. Johnny jai says:





  11. Trotters222 says:

    American Bastards!!

  12. Free_ Republic says:

    worsening the economy, way to go..

  13. BrotherAlpha says:

    “And just because it’s a job of a father to embarrass his daughters…”

    I love this president.

  14. kittybookitty says:

    Obama is the GOAT.

  15. Xaned Out says:

    make america WHITE again please

  16. Iblis Azazel says:

    What am I suppose to have 40 children each ? Brain washing corrupt
    organization like the United States government needs to be evaluated before
    the rich and Powerful get any more out of hand!

  17. Iblis Azazel says:

    oh it’s not a big deal there’s only a few of us over here in America then
    we’re going to go to trash and Country take your money you know I’m your
    wife anything else we can take don’t worry back home in Africa there’s a 2
    billion man army that could destroy the would an defeat Chinese army an you
    get AID’S and AID’S and AID’S. Go ahead ask your children if they know who
    blake shelton is ? Well then ask your children if they know 2 PAC or Drake

  18. Iblis Azazel says:

    we’re not stopping the Apocalypse, you’re planet is on it’s own. Within the
    next 120 year’s all the Angel’s an demon will be gone. No, more no more
    super powers no more money.

  19. TheScheiss says:

    Fuck americans, the most hypocritical, self-entitled, arrogant, moronic,
    self-deluded and sheep minded people in the whole world.

  20. emanuel lain says:

    We’re legit going from such a beautiful and inspiring first family to
    hillary fucking clinton.. I’ll vote for her and i think she’ll be a “good”
    president but couldn’t then dnc have given us a better candidate.. my god
    she’s frustrating