A Hologram for the King Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Tom Hanks Drama HD

A Hologram for the King Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Tom Hanks Drama HD

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A Hologram for the King Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Tom Hanks Drama HD

A failed American businessman looks to recoup his losses by traveling to Saudi Arabia and selling his idea to a wealthy monarch.

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19 Responses

  1. josh Spall says:

    this voiceover is embarrassing

  2. Mrs. xx says:

    WTF!! why Hollywood always represent the Arabs to the desert, camels and
    underdevelopment, we’re more than that..We live like other people in the
    world! it’s disgusting how you always try to distort our image to the world

  3. Douchy McDouche says:

    This summer, Tom Hanks is just a regular american salesman down on his luck
    and about to hit rock bottom, until he decides to drop everything and
    /record scratch/ sell crazy hologram technology to an arab king!

  4. nathan haddix says:

    I got an ad for the trailer

  5. AWAPProduction says:

    Now available on VHS

  6. Matthew Davis says:

    Still looks better than Ghostbusters 2016

  7. semoodreams says:

    Come on guys calm down

    I know that all of u are angry

    But you should watch the movie first

    And realize that it’s based on an old novel

    So it’s NOT representing the modernity of SA

  8. Cyborg Unicorn says:

    I thought I caught a bit of a Cloud Atlasy vibe there, and so I did! Looks
    like an excellent film.

  9. Abooody Lbaaa says:

    ❤️Hello to you in Saudi Arabia??????

  10. Emmett Del says:

    Wait we still use movie voiceover guys?

  11. ofthe612 says:

    Fix the cadence of your trailer! What is this?

  12. Kenny Anstiger says:

    Safe as houses knowing you can go to the cinema or surf the tv guide know
    you will be entertained by any Tom Hanks movie….. castaway, big, Apollo
    13, sleepless in Seattle, Joe verses the volcano, splash, the terminal, the
    green mile, Forest Gump, you’ve got mail, turner and hooch, the Da Vinci
    code, the road to perdition, Philadelphia, captain Philips, catch me if you
    can and that is just the top of my head. There’s another movie that his co
    star has just won an an Oscar for which we haven’t seen yet but in time we
    will. Keep up the great work Tomski.

  13. Alex91062 says:

    Is she the milf from that Mia Khalifa video where they wore hijabs?

  14. hannah8williams says:

    The voiceover is SO cringe, let’s hope it’s just a terrible trailer not a
    bad film

  15. Daisy flower says:

    I would love to watch this movie. As always Hanks is one of the best actors
    out there, very versatile, always bringing new experiences to the screen.
    For moment the trailer brought me memories of his movie Cloud Atlas,
    another master piece of him bringing alive many different characters.

  16. John Smith says:

    Meh looks cool. I like the hologram at the end. I guess it’s going to be
    another romance film. Nah.

  17. IamCarbon says:

    You like Chicago? Not in the winter. No, the band. lol that got me laughing
    so hard i scared the crap out of my grandma. Not literally, cause that’s

  18. SCWillsy says:

    Was that a talking heads reference at the start

  19. Raneem hfc says:

    ليش كل التعليقات يقولون يشوهه صوره المملكه ومدري وش بالعكس والله شي جميل
    يمثل ممثل بطل مثله بالمملكه وانا ااااكثر وحده متحمسه للففلم احسسسسسسه
    جمييييل اللللللللله بصيح من الوناسه انا اموت بالافلام الي تتكلم عن العرب او
    الاسلام او السعوديه احس بشعور جميييييل ياللله متى ينزززل