A Keyboard Made Of Glass?

A Keyboard Made Of Glass?

Bastron Glass Keyboard – http://amzn.to/1TIEc9g
Wooden Keyboard Video – https://youtu.be/bjZE1fwAyJ4

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20 Responses

  1. Iskandar Mirza says:

    Ouhh that’s soo coooooool

  2. MaPlEeR112 says:

    Would be cool if it lit up somehow at night.

  3. Cristuuu says:

    no wireless version??

  4. Junior Nery says:

    I dont want this keyboard to play with hacks

  5. Ben M says:

    The way he pronounces “couture” is driving me crazy.

  6. hassan hamma says:

    Hi sir my camera sony A7 ,my question is how i can setting date and time
    display on my pictures ?thank you for your help and responding my email.

  7. No Sir says:

    keep scrolling I aint saying shit.

  8. Mike Perry says:

    Anyone else notice jack was signed into chrome?

  9. Thespartaboss says:

    Just put the sheet under the keyboard to copy sometime to pc

  10. Nick S. says:

    This keyboard is made for the Tom Haverford in all of us.

  11. Mike LoPinto says:

    How about an environment that needs to be quiet? Also, the positioning of
    the USB port on the keyboard was foolish, it will surely wear out and
    break. When you lifted it up slightly the weight of the keyboard rested
    directly on the plug. It should have been either “set in” or just somewhere
    else all together. Maybe bluetooth… or dare I say wireless. My unified
    remote app works great over wifi.

  12. MrSomehowHuman says:

    Please try to game on that thing. I wonder how its gonna turn out :D

  13. Algon Mukcino says:

    Is the FUTURE!!!!!

  14. 4sakenedJames says:

    I wanted to be the person to manufacture a Glass keyboard first. They stole
    my idea 🙁

    lol at that Kanye reference

  15. Mr_Joker says:

    Lew you should do a review on Glove GSB Blazer. It’s a skateboard with a
    built-in Bluetooth speaker!

  16. Javier Antequera says:

    the ocd thing is so offensive

  17. Josiah Turner says:

    I believe this is for people who find typing on a tablet is a more
    enjoyable experience so they give you a touch keyboard for that function in
    a desktop

  18. SkyFireInDaHood says:

    But what if that clean freak hates fingerprints? gloves!

  19. The British/korean Guy says:

    Who else wants one?

  20. Panos Bucket says:

    If you made a specific Glass table that has a custom made hole for that
    keyboard, it would look actually pretty nice. Like if it was one with the
    table. Where have I seen this before, oh yeah EVERY 90’s MOVIE ABOUT 2059!
    Still a pretty stellar idea there, dare I say!