A Look Back at the Career of Steve Nash

A Look Back at the Career of Steve Nash

As Steve Nash nears the end of his career, we take a look at the point guard’s stellar career.

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20 Responses

  1. superZvegetto says:

    Johnson, Kidd, and Nash together? that’s scary

  2. Heater64k says:

    Kobe stole his rings 

  3. Tristan Phoenix says:

    How did Nash not win a ring, especialy when he was with the Lakers when
    they thrived? That’s so unfortunate.

  4. TwistedCrazze says:

    one of the closest things to ray allen and steph.

  5. Ankle Breaker says:


  6. Max Lamppa says:

    I wish Nash got a title man it makes me cry that he doesn’t 

  7. OfficerHonkHonk says:

    It breaks my heart knowing that Nash finished his career in a lackluster
    way. Really loved watching this guy take control of the court every night
    during his MVP tenure. If anyone deserves a ring, its got to be Nash.

  8. lorenzo perez says:

    If it wasn’t for Tim Donaghys trash ass Steve Nash would’ve won a ring. 

  9. Riley Aitken says:

    Shame he didn’t stay with Dallas, because he more than likely would’ve won
    a chip there with Dirk. Still one of the greatest point guards ever, and
    without a doubt one of the most skilled players the league has ever seen.
    His Suns teams were some of the most fun teams ever assembled – an endless
    reel of slick dimes and nasty dunks.

  10. Bill Rawthee says:

    I think what worked for Steve Nash is that he came into the League with a
    profound sense of his place-as far as his skill-set, and knew how hard it
    would take to break out against that era’s PG quarterbacks. And he made up
    for that with an unimpeachable work ethic. For an unheralded kid who grew
    up playing soccer, Nash’s longevity in the NBA-not to mention two League
    MVPs, is remarkable. As far as lineages go, you can trace that back to
    Cousy, Stockton.

  11. Ajie Koesherbowo says:

    It hurts to see Steve Nash retiring without a championship ring.. just like
    Leo Messi without a world cup. These guys were so close to the things they
    deserve the most, a title.

  12. DereMemo says:

    I didn’t know that Anthony Kiedis was so good at this game.

  13. Martin Paez says:


  14. Frank Machain says:

    Dr Naismith would be proud Steve; amazing mini documentary. 

  15. ChrisLove_SelenaGomez_ says:

    Curry is a shoot first guard but cause he is double team forces him to pass
    if they never double team him he would be going for 30 a night
    Same with Westbrook cuz they double team him he forces a pass ending in a
    turnover or assist
    The only pg similar to nash
    Is CpGod he shoots he’s ok with 20 ppg
    Passes and plays defense something mash wasn’t so good at other then that
    similar pgs

  16. chendaddy says:

    It’s unfortunate that Nash’s legacy now is mostly about how much other
    players deserved those MVP’s he won. Since those Suns teams never won
    anything, it’s getting harder and harder to remember exactly how great they
    were and how much fun they were to watch.

    Oh, that reminds me: FUCK ROBERT SARVER.

  17. The AfroPlaylist(Fro-Tho) says:

    I still to this day believe that if that whole Suspension thing didn’t go
    down when Robert horry playing for the spurs at the time pushed nash into
    the score table I think the Suns would’ve won that series and beat the
    Orlando magic in the Finals

  18. Arang Attak says:

    Instead of going to the Lakers he should have went to the Heat.

    I can understand why he chose the Lakers, after Kobe murked the Suns 100
    times. I guess he thought Him, Dwight and Kobe was enough.

    Nash could have rode the bench and got a ring like a lot of older players
    do. T-Mac almost did it with the Spurs until Ray Allen hit that 3…

  19. DJC says:

    Kudos to steve nash. Should’ve retired earlier after his first season with
    the lakers. We will have to wait to see another pass first, 50/40/90
    shooter pg. Stockton and him are the same, great PGs but too bad they both
    end up with no rings.

  20. Luide Mulumba says:

    Timmy and Nash won MVP while Kobe was approaching/in his prime. So if
    you’re talking about individual player value then they’re both higher.