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A Message

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  1. Andrew O'Grady says:

    I’m just so upset Jenna didn’t deserve any of this. I’m starting to hate YouTube and other creators but Jenna was always so unique with a fresh perspective on things. I don’t know what I’m going to do without her content weekly! Jenna please be well!

  2. Maciej Nenutil says:

    Cancel culture itself is way more toxic than everything edgy Jenna has done over the years

    Evidence no.1: Jake Paul and Ricegum get away with doing stupid, concerning and almost illegal shit w/o the major media coverage Jenna has got over this video

    • Dia Kim says:

      i guess you can say that if u werent the butt of the joke like i was

    • T N says:

      Dia Kim Everyone has made everyone the butt of a joke before. She had changed, she had moved forward, she had literally turned her whole channel into something better realizing what she had done. Would you like for her to be punished more for using free speech like everyone else? Youre gonna hold her to a different standard just because she has a chanel, when you cant sit there and say you havent made someone else a butt of your own joke? Im sorry I respect you standing up for yourself from a joke 8+ years ago, but dont be a hypocrite.

  3. Leslie Castillo says:

    I’m actually crying while watching this. Jenna is so sweet and wholesome.

  4. novi. oey says:

    Honestly I find the ‘ching chong’ part offensive as an Asian, cuz it reminds me of slurs called out when I was younger. And offensive to the Mandarin or any Asian language. However I can see that someone with a different background does not know that it can be perceived this way. Acknowledgement and not doing it again is okay though. Learning from it even better 🙂 No need to cancel yourself or it to make you feel this bad. Hope you feel better after a break. Take some time off social media, it can be a toxic place in general.

  5. Alyssa Tria says:

    I have never missed a video since I first watched “my boyfriend teaches me jiu jitsu” I love you Jenna. Your little fam is everything to meeeee I love you all. We will miss you and we’ll be here when you come back.

  6. Selene Piquette says:

    This is the difference between jefree star and jenna. Jenna: I never intended to hurt anyone and I am deeply sorry **learns and reflects
    Jefree: sorry that was not cool, but I was going through a hard time **continues to be mean

  7. Emmanuel Borjas says:

    If people put this much energy into working on themselves, the world would be a better place. #Leavejennaalone

  8. Momo Camara says:

    People are trying to cancel her over a mistake she did YEAARS ago 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Like cmon people!!

  9. Emma Murphy says:

    Jenna, imagine if every person who made racist jokes in the past were pressured into quitting their jobs, regardless of how much growth they had experienced and how inclusive they were to all people today. It does nothing to forward progress and feels a lot like “an eye for an eye.” Hurting people now for things they did in the past doesn’t make sense if you are a different person and you have never hidden your mistakes from the public eye. The world is a better place when people like you are honest, accountable, and humble. So many young people look up to you and you have the unique ability to show just how important it is to work on making yourself the best person you are able to be. I understand your feelings, I hope you can do what makes you feel happy and secure in your choices. YouTube will be a worse platform if you stay away forever.

  10. Kaelin Rising says:

    the difference between jenna and most people is that she’s willing to go back and revisit her past and talk about how she feels bad for it and is trying to communicate where some people would just clickbait and then cry and say how oh so sorry they are and do nothing about what they posted

  11. I Will Only Use says:

    If you don’t live with regrets, then you never grew. Jenna’s the most grown person on this platform, no contest

  12. Joy Palkovic says:

    I feel like I’m losing a close friend 🙁 next awful thing of 2020 is here

  13. e4rlys says:

    this is what i don’t understand. Jenna made a racist joke 2 times. and she gets canceled and felt like she had to leave. when shane dawson literally said the N word and black faced like 5 times… jenna. we will miss you. please take your time. we love you.

  14. Dumb Bitch says:

    Jenna has always genuinely apologised for everything she’s done wrong, she’s even calling herself out in this video and the fact she can do that shows so much growth that she can see herself the other things she no longer thinks are correct. Jenna isn’t afraid to face her wrong doings and we have to love her for that. Not like Shane who blames it all on his mental health boohoo 😢 we love you Jenna, well done for being brave 💓

  15. kierstintuition says:

    Coming at people for their past is a sure sign that the accuser has never been through something and grown as a person.

  16. Ally Margelony says:

    the world doesn’t deserve jenna marbles

  17. Gilayah McIntosh says:

    Why do we as a society have to be so unforgivable when comes to people on the internet? Like we are ruthless man. 😔

  18. Jennifer says:

    “Cancel culture” is toxic and you are low for every wanting to cancel anyone

  19. Bria McCay says:

    I think anyone that actually knows Jenna knows she’s genuinely a good person. If we all had videos from ten years ago on the internet, we would all be problematic.

  20. 25K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge says:

    If someone’s offended by a joke made on the internet 10 years ago – that person shouldn’t go on the internet. The world 10 years ago was very different from now, and honestly I cannot decide which one is better

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