A Smith Family COACHELLA

A Smith Family COACHELLA

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The family heads to the desert for Jaden’s weekend two performance at Coachella.

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◈ Created by Westbrook Studios

Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Mike Nussbaum, Sadao Turner
Editor: Brian Vannucci
Add’l Editing: Jon Brandon Cruz
Camera Operators: Jas Davis, Sadao Turner, Willow Smith

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55 Responses

  1. Daryl Cipriano says:

    Willow is really damn pretty!!!omg!

  2. Pikminiman says:

    That was an impressive moonwalk, Jaden.

  3. GamingPriests says:

    Willow kinda looks like that blue avatar chick

  4. chloe xo says:

    *6:08** blackpink look so happy there ?*

  5. truejavario says:

    You sir are what the people call : Dope! Jaden is a pretty great rapper growing in his own right. More power to him.

  6. Disha Bisht says:

    I dont why but i m in tears

  7. Conrad Castillo says:

    Thanks will for being a true icon. Nobody’s perfect but dam i never seen a flaw in jada or yourself . thank you for being you

  8. Cybile Bénédict says:

    made me cry !! what a beautiful relationship

  9. D Nats says:

    The edit was cool..u gotta love the Smiths??????

  10. Foreign Huncho says:

    And jada still the baddest/sexiest mom ever!! Just saying????‍♂️???????❤️

    • gingerbreadman says:

      Foreign Huncho wish she never got her face done, it’s starting to look unnatural but she still looks pretty

  11. Hmm Mmm says:

    I love how affectionate he is to his son. I love that

    • Mostwantedskillz says:

      Sandman619 Leave those comments to Jesus. Albeit, I’m afraid to say, I agree that might be the case. They’re not themselves anymore, just what fans expect them to be. Reason why fame can lead to one being lost. Michael, Whitney, and many others. I’ve chosen solitude of “fame”. In doing so, I will not be “lost”, once I reach fame once more.

    • Suck Me says:

      He’s a weirdo of a child I’d disown him

    • Juls c says:

      Well will Smith has two daughters they always need affection

    • Sandman619 says:

      The entire family is cringe worthy. America should send them to Canada with no return allowed.

    • ArΛvind ShΛnkar says:

      +Bridgett Johnson it still is a synonym for happy, just not used that often

  12. Sophia says:

    Jayden looks hella scary in the thumbnail hahahah

  13. Gonc Gül says:


  14. 1000 subscribers without any videos says:

    You can’t do Coachella with whole family

    Smith : Hold my Beer

  15. Julia I MАSTURВАТЕ P.U.S.SY! WATСН VIDЕ0! says:

    Willow kinda looks like that blue avatar chick

  16. Chinua Alibatya says:

    Omg I just realized something. Will and Willow. Jada and Jaden. Real clever

  17. NOBLE says:

    Jaden Smith should grow out his hair like loong and braid them

  18. focus oO says:

    I knew there is going to be blackpink somewhere in there! 6:07

  19. Nick Ross says:

    The father son bond couldn’t be any greater ?? that was definitely a special moment

  20. cheq meck says:

    6:07 that rose jumping & lisa from balckpink… yo ICON living will the man

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