A Surface Pro for HARDCORE Gamers!

A Surface Pro for HARDCORE Gamers!

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ASUS took the idea of a laptop and turn it upside down for GAMING!

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Intro Screen Music Credit:
Title: Laszlo – Supernova
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxmFU3lWY
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana

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70 Responses

  1. A B says:

    More heavy computing users nowadays need to travel, which I guess is what led to this. The industry will start going in the “laptop-tablet hybrid” direction.. So here’s hoping we can start seeing more powerful hybrid designs

  2. axe693axe says:

    *6:08* A perfect description of Linus
    8:16,8:27…see what I mean?

  3. Danny B says:

    That thumbnail tho … I thought this was a Microsoft product.

  4. justkidding says:

    Cool but can you actually use it on your lap? If not, let’s not call it a laptop…

    • justkidding says:

      +Mystic Song Fair point, I only said it because I personally actually like to have my laptop on my lap (of course one is not always going to be in the same position).
      It’s not like a gaming laptop will be exclusively for gaming either!

    • Tanmaya Biswal says:

      +justkidding You could understand Mystic Song but not me. Interesting. What kind of games do you play if you are playing on your lap? I am not even going to talk about thermals.

      If you have to do something else, better get a thin and light laptop. Besides, phones now a days do almost everything you needa computer for. Gaming Laptops are premium things made for premium people who want to move around and game when they have time in their rooms perhaps. You just cant have EVERYTHING.

    • justkidding says:

      +Tanmaya Biswal I understood both of you, I’m saying I didn’t understand your point. His/Her comment was about something else but honestly we don’t have to argue right? 🙂

      I play different AAA games on my laptop but I’m really into emulation. This scene has always wanted portable devices to emulate their favorite consoles on. Granted, phones are almost there but they have a completely different architecture.

      I’m personally just not the guy for a desktop workstation for multiple reasons (back-pain, bad lightning conditions etc).

      I only didn’t understand why you said that because brands like Razer and Asus have successfully marketed and sold hardware labelled as gaming laptops over the last couple of years with really good specs.

    • Player Named Prince says:

      Maybe put the display on a table and then the keyboard(or controller you plug in?) on your lap like a TV and a input device

    • 1024BenZ says:

      Let’s just call it a labtop instead.

  5. Reg3e says:

    Some people go mental over Football events, the Olympics…etc
    For me, it’s CES

    • Bud The Cyborg says:

      Really CES should be the second E3 of the year.
      I wish more gaming companies would show up.
      Though, that would probably require people working crunch through Christmas, so maybe it’s good that CES doesn’t involve gaming.

    • Harry 8642 says:

      Football, shit. Olympic, bunch of druggies.

    • Ten Pound Sterling! (T£N!) says:

      +Bud The Cyborg E3 is overhyped nowandays. Just the same blockbuster AAA franchises each year, and major manufacturers announcing their ITX console solutions that use AMD PC technology. I am a gamer at heart, but I haven’t watched much E3 Coverage in a few years.

    • Bud The Cyborg says:

      +Ten Pound Sterling! (T£N!)
      I buy about $100 worth of Pizza and Ice Cream for E3 every year (or “Chinese” food if people are getting tired of Pizza, which is hard to imagine but it does happen).
      It’s the #1 place for game announcements, we saw Cyberpunk 2077 for the first time last year, that makes E3 wort as much as every other gaming event combined.

  6. Melroy Rodrigues says:

    When Linus said “And i am going to take away your latop…” Alex was like OH SHIIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!

  7. Daniel Lopez says:

    This would be perfect as i use my laptop as a Desktop Replacement for the convenience, thus usually have issues in CAD, and this would solve the thermal limit.

  8. kookitoo islem says:

    Still can’t put it on my lap

  9. Max Moore says:

    The RTX laptop they were showing off at NVIDIA’s keynote stuttered and frame dropped playing BF5 lmao

    • The idiot said: says:

      +binginsin No laptops do not run slower by default. some laptops run slower by default, but not by any measure all. it doesn’t require much effort to change the throttling anyways, most manufacturers include an tool that makes it as simple as clicking an button to do so.

    • Batking28 says:

      You can’t compare a dedicated UPS designed to power a desktop to the $5 power controller in a laptop, completely different kettle of fish, it’s like saying this lawnmower engine can pull a trailer because my car can, theres a reason most UPS’s are bigger than this laptop alone. +The idiot said:

    • The idiot said: says:

      +Batking28 thats because an UPS has to massively up the voltage create an sinus wave and do an bunch of other stuff. battery voltages are much closer to the voltages your PSU supplies. often around 14v. you can easily make 12v, 5v and 3.3v from that. that is why it requires much less beefy power regulation circuitry, because its much less power transformation. makes sense huh? yea thats because i know what the actual fuck im talking about. rackmount UPS systems for example can directly bypass some PSU’s and supply 12 volts directly to certain rackmounted equipment because its sometimes more efficient to do it that way.

    • barf245 says:

      +The idiot said: is an Idiot himself

    • Cavey Möth says:

      Are we talking about those thicc boi $3000 laptops? Hmm. Well, I guess an MX150 wouldn’t be bottlenecked as much by a battery..But still. Even the GTX 1050 Ti in my laptop downclocks hard when I put it on battery. It’s almost on par with the Intel HD graphics of my CPU…except the Intel HD graphics seem more stable. Maybe my laptop just sucks or something.

  10. Sathya narayanan says:

    How to break your new years *resolution* 101

  11. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    If it’s reversed shouldn’t it be toplap?

  12. F4T4LFUS1ON says:

    mothership me daddy

  13. Mr Liin says:

    It clearly did fit on your lap.

  14. Corey Stuber says:

    One of the best episodes on this channel xD hilarious reactions from linus, as well as the home improvement reference lol

  15. Nicholas Ryabchuk says:

    Well that’s something I can’t afford

  16. iDoge says:

    #2 on trending in the UK!

  17. Aslem125 says:

    This laptop is so big it looks like a window

  18. Datulab Tech says:

    This is actually pretty cool, as a portable desktop. I’d get this form factor over a traditional thicc gaming laptop any day.

  19. DIY Perks says:

    What a smart design! I LOVE what they’ve done with this… very clever. For productivity, this is a super mobile desktop replacement. Phew, if I had a spare $$$$…. well, I’d buy one in a heartbeat!

    Honestly, I thought of making sort of ‘DIY AIO’ a while ago similar to this, but obviously it’s pretty difficult to do one of those properly from hacking together bits. Seriously, good job ASUS.

  20. Henry Atkinson says:

    Being someone who uses CNCs, I can confirm all of that could realistically take 20 hours.

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