A Time of Heroes – Doctor Who: Series 10 Teaser Trailer – BBC One

A Time of Heroes – Doctor Who: Series 10 Teaser Trailer – BBC One

Programme website: http://bbc.in/1UFcb1w Doctor Who returns to BBC One on the 15th April 2017 and now is a time for heroes.

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20 Responses

  1. david oompa says:

    Well Bill’s gonna die

  2. MadaraProduction says:

    “Even if it kills me.”
    We all think like you do dear ❤

  3. JW PRODUCTIONS FanFilms says:

    WTF I love Pearl Makie and I’ve not even seen any of her eps

  4. MediaMan says:

    This looks weirdly different to how Moffat’s last few series have been. I don’t dislike Moffat at all, but this definitely has an air of RTD/Tennant.

    And I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  5. Sounds Of The Universe says:

    at about 23 seconds in you can see in the “vortex” some of the monsters they are going to face

  6. Alex Fenn says:

    Towards the end you can see the faces of all the villains. There are Daleks, Cybermen, Ice warriors and I think I spotted the flood

  7. TK·MAX says:

    I want jack back

  8. Starkiller100 says:

    Matt Lucas is a recurring character now? Kill me.

  9. Hybrid12Productions says:

    I this is shown of TV i think this series could get a lot more viewers, i do hope we get a full length trailer soon though

  10. Chilly Soda says:

    I nearly squealed my geek energy when I saw this trailer.
    I give it a 12th Doctor out of 12.

  11. Dalek Sram says:

    I hope that the new girl stays in the TARDIS instead of coming and going as she pleases, that was Clara’s downside.

  12. Daniel Purdy says:

    So its basically confirmed how Bill will leave. she’ll die

  13. David Keith says:

    The goofiest looking cast on television.

  14. adin alispahic says:

    This is faaarrr better than the trailer they realised… should have given us this first imo

  15. TheArb999 says:

    “Shut up guys, Bill is great!”, “Stop complaining, real fans watch the show without complaining” etc.

    People get so butthurt as soon as you state your opinion. If you don’t like what doctor who has become then you might aswell kill yourself according to them. Stop being so god damn hostile. How hard is it to state your opinion and debate like a normal human being? Stop behaving like a bunch of kids.

  16. Griselda Tiffany Yessi says:

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  17. The Exiled Draco says:

    Can it kill you? So we can get hot companions again?

  18. Jeejerzz Slays says:

    Why did u take this off of netflix.

  19. Harry Games x says:

    Send him to the care home and get a new doctor!

  20. Eman Kocher says:


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