A year off grid in my roundhouse

A year off grid in my roundhouse

Just an update of the roundhouse after living in it for about a year.

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48 Responses

  1. Hannah Buddle says:

    Lushness, and so much hard work involved! ❤

    • Eccentric Detectorist's says:

      Hannah Buddle I hope you are scrapbooking​ all the projects on the homestead. You are a ” Jackie of all trades”.

    • Hannah Buddle says:

      Eccentric Detectorist’s Again, your opinions of my skills are quite something, but a) I don’t scrapbook and b) it’s not my house.

  2. old time engineer says:

    I love that style of house and it was a labor of love also glad the hydro is working great for you

  3. Angela D says:

    Love it!👍😎 Can I come live with you! 😉Lol.. very nice! 🌲

  4. Hannah Buddle says:

    1) Loving that you had a massive tidy for this haha!
    2) Who wired that plug socket? 😛
    3) Not just mice, squirrels!
    4) When you said there were no leaks on the roof, I thought you meant leeks >< If you want leeks on your roof, I'm happy to sort it 😛

  5. mmanut says:

    Use propane for heating water and refrigerator. Much more efficient. Vinny 🇺🇸

  6. John Watkins says:

    I like the squeak you have fitted to your door, very authentic :o)

  7. Raynola Dominguez says:

    Nice video and house.

  8. DW Ohio says:

    Consider a metal fire shield behind your wood stove.

  9. Henrik Genzink says:

    Nice hobbithole you got there, looks cosy

  10. Beth Ann says:

    4000 pounds is $5587.00 USD if anyone was curious. 🙂

  11. poulsonarrow says:

    Ha WHEN volunteers come , Kris think ja going to need a few more than that single jug lol , over the period of time watching this bloom into its own backdrop. It’s not for all this style of living but really it’s how we all should live , it’s only takes a little planning and sourcing info and help from all out there . Land is the task to find with natural resources, it’s out there just go look . Each journey starts with an idea , Kris well done on what you’ve achieved so far . Overall what’s the plans further down the line ? I think from memory your wish this to be a wealth of knowledge for others to master?

    • Kris Harbour says:

      Thanks for the comment. i have alot of buildings planned with a goal of being self sufficient one day. and hopefully offer education in to this way of life for young people and make a positive impact on the local community.

    • poulsonarrow says:

      Kris Harbour , lets hope that just knowing a few things that you’ve shown us here could impacked those young minds , beats head down viewing data and mindless dribble. We’ve lost sight of basics . Hats off to you Kris , they say “Make your Mark in life ” blot on the landscap Your Not . Keep grinding and i look forward to next task at hand .

    • Finlay Sutherland says:

      I probs bring some drinks just in case some of us are deprived by August 😂

  12. Tedium says:

    Hey Kris, have you thought about getting into bee keeping? You could brew your own mead with the honey you get from them. Or just sell the honey at a local market for some extra cash.

    • Kris Harbour says:

      yes i have, i just have so many things planned i think old man kris will be messing with bees. young kris has to build things.

    • Paul Viles says:

      Kris, firstly love what you are doing! LOVED the hydro system build! Makes me want to go buy a block just with a stream to build one, hard to get in sunny Qld Australia!

      The bee idea should be a young kris thing! I got into bees only 18 months ago and there is such good money in them and really not much labour. Plus I just made my own honey mead and wow! Simple and great!

      You need to start young on bees so you can build your hives up cheap and not have to buy them. Buy 2-3 and then just split them off and make free new hives as they grow.

      Either way great work! An great work by your girlfriend too! She seems like a worker!

  13. olenick 7734 says:

    Nice tour, I have nothing but Pure Admiration for what you have done. Top Marks..

  14. DaDa Fan says:

    Thanks, Kris. It’s the renaissance man that we imagine we admire, but that’s not you. I wouldn’t embarrass you by comparison to DaVinci. But there are parallels. I look forward very much to the next adventure. I encourage everyone to help Kris through Patreon. My contribution is a pittance, but if everyone matched it, we’d have the satisfaction of knowing we all support Kris’ rare creativity. (Unpaid and unsolicited)

    Thanks for what you do, Kris. Next time I promise sarcasm and derision–for balance 😉

  15. FarmCraft101 says:

    Any benefit to sealing the outside of the logs? Or do they need to breathe? That end grain is like a sponge, and my instinct would be to seal it, but I know nothing about this type of building. Thanks for the tour!

  16. al math says:

    What a great place to live you must be so proud

  17. metamud says:

    8:30 I couldn’t help but notice the pipes carrying water inside the house are entirely uninsulated. How do you prevent the water in them from freezing? Is it heat leaking from the house that keeps them warm enough?

  18. Gregor Miller says:

    Good stuff Mr Kris, and I’m diggin’ the long boards…you could do a post on downhill’n:)

  19. SparkyWolfTail says:

    I like this guy, and he seems like a nice person but 10 up and down is considered high speed?

  20. snepNL says:

    off grid with power and Internet..

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