Aaron Hernandez found dead in prison cell

Aaron Hernandez found dead in prison cell

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was found hanged by a bed sheet in his jail cell early Wednesday, according to the Massachusetts Department of Corrections.

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20 Responses

  1. Dennis Malesky says:

    ESPN app sent alert message, stating his life was a “tragedy”. Furthest thing from the truth. He had what every boy that ever picked up a football wanted. He threw it all away, because he couldn’t get the king of the ghetto mentality out of him. Not a tragedy, but a waste.

  2. trailman 52 says:

    it’s sad to see that people still don’t believe that there is a devil that has a force were he uses people, like puppies to hurt, use drugs, alcohol, lie, anything that has to do with evil forces. When things happen what we should be doing is pray, not talk al crazy cause when one talks al crazy one is letting the evil forces come over you, if one has God in there hart they can see and understand that there is a warm for the souls.

  3. cpt191021 says:

    couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy

  4. matt c says:


  5. Marcus Smith says:

    Nothing of worth has been lost

  6. Kali Kross says:

    awww, his conscience finally caught up with him. that’s good. I didn’t think he had one.

  7. Cory Barlass says:

    suicide will never get you to heaven my dear friend.

  8. ChristianSaintSavior says:

    The conspiracy theorists are going to have a field-day with this story…..

  9. andre brewer says:

    R.I.P. Aaron Hernandez?

  10. Alicia Bashir says:

    No wonder he killed himself look at this thread of pure hate. OJ still got love after he was acquitted but everyone hates Aaron Hernandez and don’t even know the whole story.

  11. Tom Croûte says:

    Rest in Piss

  12. Nidgehogg dragon says:

    Nice now maybe my tax dollars will go to veterans. one more shit bag gone, so many more to go.

  13. DeltaLou says:

    Hey ESPN, this is NOT a tragedy, its a SAVINGS to the tax payers.,

  14. Jcurvs99 says:

    Black man kills 3 people in Fresno and stated he wanted to kill as many white people as he could.. not a peep from the media however when it was Dylann Roof it was a 24 hour story

  15. Adam Joseph says:

    Aaron Hernandez just got acquitted bruh. There was a chance for him to appeal on the Lloyd case. It isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is actually just very odd. The dude was 6’2 but still able to hang himself from a short jail window? Come on….

  16. steve b says:

    He just couldn’t stand 50 more years of looking at his stupid tattoos.

  17. WristyFrogDeuceDog says:

    All the idiots in the comments talking about saved taxed dollars. stupid monkeys thats just more money the state gets to use, you dont get a check in the mail cause this man killed himself. Taxation is theft anyway so you’re celebrating your enslavement as well. Brilliant

  18. sedrick holloway says:

    Some of these comments are so ignorant! You celebrate someone killing themselves and others post racist comments? There are some evil people in the world.

  19. Fig Newton says:

    wow! can you imagine what he was thinking? seeing his old team win the Superbowl, knowing that he threw away his life. Damn I almost want to feel sorry for the guy but then again it’s not cool to kill another human being over something so petty. Prayers to his family and friends if he had any in the end. Rob gronkowski must be upset over this let alone being let down by his former friend

  20. Alan Watts says:

    What a waste of talent, money and a damn good hairline. Smh.

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