Aaron Rodgers Tells All On Why He Had Standoff With Packers

Aaron Rodgers Tells All On Why He Had Standoff With Packers

Aaron Rodgers looks like he is coming into this next season scorched earth and ready to drop some dimes and suck it signs.

This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.

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51 Responses

  1. jfkusa123 says:

    I’m starting to think AJ got a bad haircut

  2. YouTubeUser_77 says:

    Hahaha poor AJ and his “hands”

  3. Jose Cusco says:

    AJ’s looking like a custom character from NFL Street

  4. jchristi2772 says:

    If they kept Jordy Nelson this kerfuffle would never have happened.

    • jchristi2772 says:

      @Justin Gabriel I dont know what the front office was doing, why get rid of Jordy, I just do not get it If They had him last year, straight SB champions, all he needed to be in the slot. I heard they have Cobb back, put him in the slot where he is best. I will never understand why the front office does what they do. Did Jordy ask for a huge contract? Don’t think so , but he should have retired as a Packer, That front ofiice is a dumpster fire, Aaron knows it and basically everyone else. BTW I am a Vikes fan.

    • Jackson Dreyer says:

      @Semi which is absolutely BONKERS

    • Seymour Peters says:

      Kerfuffle lol

    • Lil Gloman says:

      @UCGqxFkoq92_v6_DUi4R4zEg you’re an idiot with the Raiders man had 63rec for 740 yards & 3TDs in 2018, our 2nd leading receiver that year, JIMMY GRAHAM, had 55rec for 636 & 2TDs…

    • penguin icedelta says:

      I think he’s more pissed on how Jordy was treated on his way out moreso than maybe resigning. As before listing the names he said he felt those players were either not offered a contract, low balled, or not treated well on their way out as folks who were major contributors for the team.

  5. cj24chet says:

    AJ is lookin like Billy Hoyle in White Men Can’t Jump 😂

  6. Ian Allen says:

    AJ looks like he’s about to scam me out of a dime bag in front of a 711

  7. Leon Anderson says:

    Pat the kinda guy if he wasn’t a football player you can imagine him having having a business organising bachelor party’s

  8. Mike Ciminera says:

    Why does AJ look like both Jay & Silent Bob at the same time…

  9. Josh Jones says:

    I’m a Bears fan so obviously I wanted him outta there, but listening to him talk I can’t help but be on his side

  10. Cory O says:

    AJ’s a high focus guy so he doesn’t look off camera often. So sometimes we forgot he’s got a goddamn American dad jaw

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