Abby Lee Miller Teaches Me How To Dance

Abby Lee Miller Teaches Me How To Dance

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, Abby Lee Miller teaches me how to dance with the help of some of the girls from Dance Moms!! Will I learn the routine? Will we make nationals? Will I fight the moms?? Enjoy!!!


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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula

GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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42 Responses

  1. isnatchedyourwigoff chile says:


    Who else came to the comments before you started watching?

  2. Emma _qxeen says:

    James:barely gets his leg up.

    The girls:*scream*


  3. Abby Grae says:

    James: I will be sending you guys sister’s hoodies and palettes.
    Me: UGhhHhhHhHh ThAt iS So UnfAIr UGHhhHhhHhhhHh

  4. loganmua says:

    i’m so happy james went through what i go through everyday as a dancer..pain and getting yelled at by my teacher LOL

    • Tamillia Lancaster says:

      Were are you!!!!!!!

    • Benji And JayJay forever says:

      You need to post more I miss you sfm

    • Redgucci Shoes says:

      Why would you put up with that? To me, dancing is something fun, creative and just happy.

    • Angela Denise Garcia says:

      Hehe I got the 420th like ,’)

    • Blink and Army Equals BLARMY says:

      Redgucci Shoes I’m a dancer and singer kinda like a trainee for kpop but I’m not Korean and I won’t be sorted into groups and debut like that its a company I’m in that I have to dance and sing at the same time and I get yelled at daily and shamed sometimes if I make a mistake and it’s 5 hours 5 days a week it’s stressful but yk i wanna produce my own songs when I’m older its not that bad to be yelled at because you get used to it

  5. Madison Twyford says:

    James Charles walks in a room: *Screams* OMG SISTER OMG
    When I walk in a room: “leave just leave”

  6. lilPrincess 76312000 says:

    Lol God when are people gonna just stop being followers and admit they love sister James? 😂😂😍

  7. colourful asmr says:

    i could tell the girls felt proud when abby didn’t correct them

  8. Kaitlin Nelson says:

    as a dancer, this is incredibly entertaining to watch and im actually dying

    also that soreness you talked about in the intro? it’s a constant for me

  9. Abby Cawood says:

    No one:

    Not a single soul:

    9 year olds dancing in Yeezy‘s

  10. Axel Jimenez says:

    You can tell Abby just wants to scream at James but she’s holding in her temper Imao💀💀

  11. CaNdYSaKuRa161 says:

    you need to build up those muscles James, time for an exercise montage

  12. Sabih says:

    “You preach theater etiquette to my kids, put your phone away.”
    “I don’t know I think I’m gonna go to Baskin Robbins.”
    “She’s zoomin’ dude!”
    *Legendary Quotes*

  13. Alina Hetling says:

    when he said “I’ve been set up”, I IMMEDIATELY thought of Gianina accusing the girls of giving her the wrong counts 🤭🤭🤭

  14. ラズベリー says:

    Dude when he forgets the moves and just stands there it actually hurts me.

  15. Nicolle. art says:

    Those girls cheering for James is the daily motivation I need to get up for school 😂😂😂😂

  16. Nicolle. art says:

    This video made me:
    Laugh at James
    Smile when they cheered him
    Got anxiety every time he forgot the steps
    Cringe at his movements
    Remember the good ol’days
    Miss Chloe and Maddie

  17. Stephanie Swithers says:

    When James gets a team jacket before GiaNia, TEA

  18. Bre'Anna Smith says:

    drew had me cryingggg 😂😩😭 “in 8th place we have abby lee dance company”

  19. Annita Panyathong says:

    are we not gonna talk abt the fight
    James: *starts fighting w Stacey*
    Stacey: I’m gonna fight about something that doesn’t matter


  20. Lillian Tran says:

    Who else is kinda low key sad that the original dancers from dance moms weren’t the ones with him instead?

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