ABC host grills Kellyanne Conway on Don Jr. letter defending Russia meeting

ABC host grills Kellyanne Conway on Don Jr. letter defending Russia meeting

via ABC

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20 Responses

  1. Rodney92 says:

    These words will come back and bite her when more information is revealed.

  2. Skooter McGoo says:

    Reagan funded terrorists with $650M/yr of USA tax payer cash(Operation Cyclone) while he hosted the Taliban in the WH and was illegally selling weapons to Iran. Bush invaded a country that had ZERO to do with 9/11 so he and Cheney could make BILLIONS from no bid contracts in Iraq. 2004- $12Billion sent to Iraq in cash on pallets of which $9Billion can’t no still be accounted for today. Tell me again that the GOP are not responsible for the events of today?

  3. Paretozen says:

    No consequence is the most stupid argument to justify a wrong deed.

  4. Boo Ya says:

    i keep saying why do they keep interviewing this walking dead bitch when she constantly dodges questions and gives lies.!!!!

  5. Jackson Greene says:

    This bitch is so deluded. It’s not even funny anymore.

  6. yootoob1958 says:

    She is a national embarrassment and a paid liar!

  7. HMiche93 says:

    Typical, the Trump administration pivoting back to Benghazi and Obama when they can’t think up an excuse.

  8. BLACKFYRE says:

    Trump supporters are the most hypocritical bunch of people in this country. They continue to defend trump and all his servants because they’re a bunch of racists who don’t care what they say as long as they are white and conservative.

  9. Andolem says:

    A big mouth Trash…….she is a big dog lier trash.

  10. Amitai Schwartz says:

    LoL because Obama lied to people (or maybe just failed to keep his promise) Donald’s hurricanes of fraud are just fine. These people all need to be shipped to the north pole. Every single person in the Trump administration.

  11. Karl Mahlmann says:

    Actually there was no conflict at all in the statements by Sanders and Jay Sekulow. Stephenopolis is trying to magnify nuances in words and phrases in two different contexts into something nefarious. He fails at that miserably. But even if there was a conflict, the worst that could be said is that either Sanders or Sekulow was wrong. Conway was showing the absurdity of Stephenopolis’ performance by citing some clear examples of real and intentional deceptions. Clinton installed a classified server in her bathroom so that her emails would never see the light of day. and they said to the public concerning Benghazi: Now, you see what happens when someone on youtube insults the prophet of Islam. We never got the truth. All we got was lies, stonewalling, hard drives wiped clean, and a smug “What… you mean like with a cloth or something?”

  12. pumps0333 says:

    Lol funny how this crap that only has 100,000 views is trending but the Ben shapiro with Joe had over a milllion is not.. I swear YouTube is trying to push their liberal bullshit.. Fuck you YouTube fuck all your family and kids.

  13. Record Breaker says:

    This is trending? Lol.

  14. Gman Gopro says:

    Damn George is a savage

  15. Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

    *Oh !!! Another liberal trending video !!! What’s new ?!!!*

  16. Lil Koon says:

    Who says grill anymore 2009 ass nigga

  17. Alexander Eley says:

    Russia didn’t collide. Alright, next topic please.

  18. Jars Kent says:

    Kellyane Conway: Bitch I am not his fking mother, go fucking suck Donald Trump’s orange dick.

    ABC Host: Fuck you, you motherfker fucking normies REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  19. Nicole's Saggy titties TV says:

    I don’t want a fucking president they all suck. Fuck Democrats,and Republicans they suck dick let me live my life, and fuck off.

  20. Nathan Lorah says:


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