Adam Driver And Stephen Act Out A ‘Star Wars’ Scene Using Dolls

Adam Driver And Stephen Act Out A ‘Star Wars’ Scene Using Dolls

Adam Driver and Stephen reenact a scene from ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ with figurines from the franchise.

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68 Responses

  1. CallistaRhian says:

    Gorgeous AND talented. I love Adam Driver β™‘

    • MrMisterMan says:

      these comments about him being gorgeous makes me believe women will fuck anything

    • CallistaRhian says:

      MrMisterMan He’s not traditionally handsome, but there’s just something very attractive about him. It’s like with Benedict Cumberbatch and Mads Mikkelson. Neither are what you’d call traditionally handsome, but both are very appealing to large swathes of people.

  2. Rick Whyers says:

    Very underated. Adam driver is hilarious.

  3. HollowMist11 says:

    He’s so adorably awkward and funny and hella hot. I watched The Last Jedi twice now and I still want to watch it again. I just love it so much.

  4. Awsomeisimo says:

    Adam driver really sounds like his voice has a filter

  5. Batman Jr. says:

    Adam was soooo good in The Last Jedi. Much more of a journey for Kylo Ren and the arc is fantastic.

  6. hridi says:

    Just got home from the TLJ premiere. The movie was divine. Everyone was amazing. But Adam and Daisy were just AMAZING.

  7. Viljami Wenttola says:

    He has a certain energy about him that must make him kind of difficult to interview. πŸ˜€

    • Christy Snell says:

      He’s shy and awkward, which is how I would be if I were famous. Movie stars are required to do press, but not all of them are comfortable doing it. I love Adam, though; he’s adorable and genuine. There’s no pretense.

    • Viljami Wenttola says:

      As a Finn, I can tell you that his demeanour would just be normal in this country πŸ˜€

    • Dah Ninja says:

      The moment colbert shook his hand when he said just hanging.. Gave me all the info about him.. Just fully feeling that fame effect and it’s only going to get much differcult.. For him to be himself alil was pretty nice

    • ThatAussieGirl says:

      He’s just quite shy and social anxious. He’s a cutie with a very dry sense of humour when he’s comfortable though.

    • teppolundgren says:

      In Finland, he’d be considered the life of the party. Someone you watch while you drink and think.

  8. Gracieli AmbrΓ³sio says:

    He is sexy AF

  9. Hazell Vasquez says:

    If I haven’t seen The Last Jedi I would have been screaming when I saw him make the dolls make out.

  10. ecargxmik says:

    As Cardi B once said, “These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes”

  11. Kruspe77 says:

    His voice is deeper than my soul

  12. EverythingAtOnce says:

    i wish that scene was a spoiler. i wish they had kissed.

  13. Valar Morghulis says:

    Those shoes perfectly match a scene in the new movie haha once you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean πŸ˜‰

  14. Mary Ranises says:


  15. JB Tiamson says:

    I just became a sith Lord and i’m about to eat NACHOS! IT’S THE GREATEST MOMENT IN MY LIFE.

    • Reaver411 says:

      JB Tiamson Ah the F-Word. Great movie 😌

    • iΓ§sesim acΔ±ktΔ±mmΔ± ya says:

      Ewww he didn’t become a Sith Lord. He mentioned himself that old things (Jedi, Sith etc) should die.
      It’s more like: I just became an emperor and Δ±m about to eat nachos! πŸ˜€

  16. echo 5 says:

    He really deserves awards for his performance in the last Jedi, he’s incredible

  17. Floris Bordewijk says:

    There is something adorable awkward about him

  18. jbonney says:

    I heard that Kylo Ren has an 8 pack. That Kylo Ren is shredded

  19. Royston Joseph says:

    Oh they’re just adding fuel to the KyloXRey fanfiction fire, aren’t they?

  20. RobberClobber says:

    There is a spoiler in there and no one realizes it hahaa

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