Adam Sandler’s Reaction to His Daughter Locking Eyes with Boys

Adam Sandler’s Reaction to His Daughter Locking Eyes with Boys

Adam Sandler chatted about his daughters to Ellen, and how he reacted when he noticed his 12-year-old locking eyes with boys. Plus, the “Murder Mystery” star talked about getting slimed at the Kids Choice Awards and how he feels hosting an episode at his alma mater “Saturday Night Live” for the first time.


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61 Responses

  1. homelessricegum says:

    Adam looks like a 70s pornstar

  2. ScarlettP says:

    “I’m sorry about everything, my beard” ?

  3. Jack Schaefer says:

    Adam Sandler’s outfit is straight up Vegeta when he wore the badman shirt and those yellow pants.

  4. Taisen's Cool Stuff says:

    Adam has come a long way!

  5. Vicky zeng says:

    Omg I loved him in the wedding singer???he’s still amazing!

  6. Avaaz Zmn says:

    He seems a bit nervous to me??

  7. ghitakristensen says:

    He is my all time favorite

  8. Fred Akanji says:

    “I started seeing half way driving home ” ??

  9. Phyllisha Hart says:

    I love how he is so comfortable and secure with himself, I loved his standup on Netflix. He is in his own lane ♥️♥️

  10. onika meel says:

    His movies always good and funny to watch ?

    • TheRealMVP says:

      Zohan, Alex & Jill, pixels, grown ups 1, grown ups 2 and the one where he married the dude were beyond awful. His last good movie for me was Click.

    • Jack a boy says:

      busker0000 Adam is mostly not funny. Because he doesn’t try. When he tries he can actually be pretty funny.

    • 罗瑞安Rae-Anne says:

      I think I’ve outgrown slapstick but Adam Sandler has basically been head to head with Jim Carey(my personal fave) as the champs of slapstick since the 90s. Carey moved on awhile back ? but Adam is still going at it lol he is good at what he does.

  11. Tim B says:

    I think I’ll always have love for this bearded hippie

  12. Mimlee says:

    Adam is one of the few people who instantly bring a smile to the face! And coupled with Ellen, it is double fun!

  13. no one says:

    They hit me deep in the eyeballs ?

  14. Gareth Colfer says:

    Please just do another Grown ups?

  15. foreverbbooyy says:

    I know everyone hates his acting, but I love him ?

  16. destined tobe says:

    His voice changed so much . Its so wierd to listen to him talk its like hes a different person because of his voice .

  17. Trisha Sharnowske says:

    Adam seems to be a great daddy…hes so funny

  18. Adam Cairns says:

    Loved adam Sandler since I was 10. When happy gilmore came out i seen it twice in theatres . I even choose the name Madison for my daughter after Billy Madison.

    • angelstouch92 says:

      That’s dedication.

    • Adam Cairns says:

      Thank you. I still have a photo from grade 8 asking who my favourite movie,actor,sport is. Adam Sandler happy gilmore football

    • Kirsten Mccluskey says:

      I got to say Adam- that’s commitment. I’ve always been a huge Adam Sandler fan and I’m pretty upset that I didn’t come up with that lol

  19. Millard Gardham says:

    Adam: Jennifer Looks very Good ….I…I..I…We…We..We…Do you wanna talk about the movie at all ?

    Ellen: Yeah No


  20. n v says:

    I love Ellen but she kinda ruined the daddy/daughter story ?

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