Addicted to TAKIS

Addicted to TAKIS

Frank has developed a strange addiction to the popular Mexican snack, Takis. Frank has gotten to the point where he cannot function without Takis and must smell a Taki at least every 70 seconds.
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This video is NOT sponsored by Takis btw, Frank just loves Takis.

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64 Responses

  1. TheCrazyGorilla says:

    Who else likes Takis? 😍

  2. Dayanara Flores says:

    I mean takis aren’t that good unless they’re fresh and really spicy

  3. Meme Review says:

    Frank: *Eats finger and stares at camera


  4. Amber_ Dutcher says:

    FRANK: if i has to choose better a bag of tali’s and my mama
    ME: thinking he’s going to say mama
    FRANK: Well GOOD BYE mama
    ME: 🤭😢😖

  5. John Sien says:

    *Flashbacks* Damn, all the ghetto girls at the back of the class

  6. _Itzz BurningMoonlight_ says:

    “If I don’t smell a takis every 70 Seconds…”

    So he keeps takis in his nose while sleepin?!

  7. fussell spyro says:

    That 5-year-old talking gave him the coronavirus LMAO

  8. Sergio Torres says:

    When I bring takis to school

    School: every kid in the cafeteria can I have some

  9. Gabe Vaz says:

    I can already smell that group of white girls wearing Pj’s and a messy bun walking around the school with a bag of Takis

  10. Lol K says:

    Frank: Here are a couple of bags
    Me: A couple of bags!? That would last me months!

  11. XXDOJ says:

    Frank the next year…

    Frank: I’ve loved takis so much that I dont care about the burning lungs I have from takis.

  12. Alyna says:

    4:00 got me 😂laughing he use a Taki has a inhaler

  13. you damn well know you gay says:

    2:35 when my friends dinner is good but it turns bad

  14. Leonardo Castillo says:

    0:25 and that’s how he got *CENSORED* Virus

  15. Dark Reaper says:

    No wonder I couldn’t find any Takis in the grocery store lately

  16. Thresher Gaming says:

    The dislikes are the people who aren’t allowed to eat takis

  17. Dont Sub to me says:

    Coronavirus pandemic: PLEASE STAY INSIDE
    TheCrazyGorrila: still films outside making food addiction videos

  18. Allison Keo says:

    Teacher: no eating in class.

    The kid in the back:

  19. Lil Jerry says:

    Me: * eating takis *

    Frank: * runs and steels my takis

  20. Mickey Mouse says:

    Man: Goodbye Mama
    Mama: *WHATCHU SAY*

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