Addison Rae & Hailey Rhode Bieber make sandwiches & play Shoot or Truth | WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM?

Addison Rae & Hailey Rhode Bieber make sandwiches & play Shoot or Truth | WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM?

Join me on the second episode of Who’s in my Bathroom? with my very special guest Addison Rae as we make some delicious po’ boy sandwiches and chat about boys, growing up in Louisiana, and what’s next for Addison in her life and career.

Wild Conversations. Different Guests. Same Bathroom.

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38 Responses

  1. Aimee Kumah says:

    I love the way Hailey carries herself despite all the hate she receives

  2. shayシ says:

    addison: “who’d u marry?”
    hailey: “just this guy” *wink*

  3. Sydney Kong says:

    “When there’s a will THERES an app for it” LMAOOOOO AHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Nalley Lopez says:

    Now we know why addison has so many celebrity friends she’s fucking funny and chill af

  5. Greta Hoxha says:

    Addison is so confident. I feel like her and Hailey would make great friends!

  6. Britt Britt says:

    Addison: looking at herself in the mirror every 2 seconds hahaha

  7. Mands Peixoto says:

    this channel improves with every video, i’m in love with hailey’s personality, my opinion about her has changed for the better 🥰

  8. Tais Moura says:

    she’s so cute, every time she uses the bowls she got as a gift from Kris Jenner, she thanks

  9. Paris Raymond says:

    It was really smart of Hailey to start doing these videos. Because the way she came off and portrayed in media made her seem much different then when she shows her true self in these videos. I never disliked Hailey but I also didn’t really have any interest in her, but after seeing some of her videos I started to like her more and more.

    And Addison always just seemed like all the other TikTokers, but when she’s not around that group, I have to give her credit that she has more substance then her peers. And she speaks much better than the Damilio’s.

  10. Eco Peco says:

    Addison’s haircut is EVERYTHING and she looks amazing. Hailey is so cuttee.

    • Rene Ch says:

      I’ve seen Hailey with curtain bangs in a photo from a few years ago- looks just like Addison’s and it looked amazing- she should bring it back.

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