addressing everything

addressing everything

addressing everything

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58 Responses

  1. Jenna_P333 says:

    Isn’t telling someone to kill themselves just as bad IF NOT WORSE than everything that people have said colleen did? Just a reality check that it’s not okay to say certain things. Love you Colleen ❤️

  2. Tiny Poutine says:

    She didn’t change the topic. She didn’t play the victim. She didn’t blame someone else. She knew what she did. She apologized. She didn’t make shit up. She made sure that people knew she did wrong things. She apologized. She made some mistakes years ago. But did she make excuses? No. That is how you apologize.

    • Anthony Lopez says:

      @HealthyAsAHorse! I’m pretty sure Latinos don’t give a shit about “racial stereotypes”.

    • Swirly Vic says:


    • Mia May says:

      Weeeeell not really! This is like apologizing really hard for breaking someone’s phone when you’ve actually burned their entire house down! Her entire career requires an apology video! Because last I checked Miranda is a sexist bigot white supremacist who thinks being gay is a sin! This video IS useless!

    • Taylor Portzer says:

      Tiny Poutine 💙🙏🤴🏾💙😇🌊💙🦋💎

    • Ezzy Dinero says:

      Tiny Poutine 💍

  3. MissAmazing 701 says:

    How about everyone lets it go just because she is famous doesn’t mean she doesn’t get a second chance like the rest of us! We are here for u!💕

  4. Kylie ng says:

    I feel so happy that she came out and spoke about the is like a real as adult admitting everything that has happened even tot it happened way too long ago. And this just makes me look up to her even more like damn i might be 20 and i want to be like colleen, becos there so much maturity and omg like i cant even express the admiration i have for u . Thank you for existing 🙂

  5. Richie Beck says:

    Also, the world was a lot different fourteen years ago. We could actually tell the difference between satire and hatred; we could actually laugh at ourselves. And you should have been there during the Myspace era. Your feelings would have imploded. Does that excuse racism of any form? No. But actual racism happening in the world tends to get overshadowed by nonsense like this because, after a while, people are just tired of hearing the same six people going off on Twitter.

  6. Rob's Roblox says:

    I will always love her and whoever is saying “kill yourself” isn’t alright, only sick people say things as hurtful as that and imagine if she suffered with depression! with depression comes suicidal thoughts! So people saying that could really make it happen! It isn’t alright, she did make a mistake! yes! but she doesn’t deserve to die because of it! We all make mistakes!

    • Autism Does Stuff says:

      just because youre depressed it doesnt mean that youre suicidal

    • JTF says:

      It’s actually illegal and and if they told her to kill herself and she actually did it, it’s manslaughter.

    • Super JG Gaming says:

      Autism Does Stuff but most depressions lead to those thoughts

    • Dyamond Womack says:

      Fr people call her sick but that’s sick in itself a girl on tiktok impersonating ariana grande was getting those comments it’s not. A big deal people making it one for no reason there are thousands of impersonators and she gets hated by Ariana Herslef

  7. Gabriella Concepcion says:

    now this is a proper apology. no sympathy tears, no stuttering or lies. she realizes what she has done wrong and apologizes for it with no excuses. nothing but respect for her.

    • JessiKitty says:

      Zenigundam She literally said she did most of this stuff years ago! She is apologizing, so just move on and leave her alone

    • Zenigundam says:

      @JessiKitty Don’t tell me what to do, woman! I don’t know what she’s done because I didn’t watch the video, but I wish I had been there catching her in the act. That’s the only way some people learn from their mistakes. It shouldn’t take you over a decade.

    • I'm Illiterate says:

      @Zenigundam ok boomer

    • tsm 711 says:

      same with the james charles apology where he addressed every thing, (the second one) so mature

  8. Carlos says:

    This was an ACTUAL apology video. She took accountability and didn’t redirect the blame. Other youtubers need to take notes.

  9. Shareen Zahboor says:

    The fact that she’s able to put her hands up and admit the shit she’s done & said. That just shows her level of maturity. And the fact that she’s not sugar coating and ” making excuses ” for what she’s done. She’s clearly grown ✌🏼.

    • Zenigundam says:

      Who is the effeminate beta male sitting next to her? That better be her brother because, if that’s her boyfriend I’ll knock him clean tf out. We’re sick and tired of these girly men taking our female prizes. Once the Coronavirus pandemic wipes out your social butterfly heroes, it’ll be time for me to commence the Alpha Uprising.

    • Cloudy Days says:

      Zenigundam what?

    • brainmare says:

      Listen to my Iast video and tell me if I should drop that song

    • Natalia Corbacho says:

      @Zenigundam stfu

  10. lovejoy&laughter says:

    Girl anyone who truly knows you knows this person just wants attention and to hurt you. You are a great person and that’s that!

  11. Jordan Thornton says:

    I want people to understand something. Colleen isn’t racist. Colleen isn’t a bigot. I am a woman of color living in America. I am a black woman and proud. So, I know a thing or two about treatment against you because of skin color and sex. So much so that I once had a elementary teacher who was racist! Colleen was just younger & ignorant. Ignorant and racists are not the same thing. So keep that in mind for the people only choosing to participate in cancel culture for the thrill & the likes because I sure as hell know you wouldn’t want people digging in your own past then scrutinizing it. Y’all aren’t the only ones who can be hateful. In this video she took responsibility for things she should have taken the responsibility for AND even things she didn’t have to just to make others feel better. Don’t watch her or anyone else if your only priority is to wait for things to go wrong.

    • Natalia Corbacho says:

      @Leah :3 they’re not speaking for you, you’re not the only person in the world

    • ch3rry says:

      Girl speak for your self your not voice for all black women. People are allowed to be rightfully hurt by her racist comment no matter joke or not because people have to live with shit she “joked” about. Stop trying to dictate and gaslight peoples feelings.

    • Maddie Leigh says:

      Smiya Coron yes it was racism It was a mistake and she apologize for that I’ve made mistakes too when I was a teenager and I still am a teenager and I’m still making mistakes. People make mistakes and that’s okay

    • Natalia Corbacho says:

      @ch3rry and yet she is grown now and has apologized. If you’re still mad even after her very thoughtful apology then that’s your own problem

  12. JessQuezada says:

    As a Latina, I have not seen the video, but if you want to ‘cancel’ her for that, cancel the office, that 70s show, South Park, and every tv show who makes jokes like this. I’m sure 99.9% of those people watch these shows but just want to ‘cancel’ her because she’s not as big as those shows and want to bully from behind a screen. Toxic. Just unfollow and move on why are people always so hellbent on ruining the lives of people they don’t know.

  13. Tori Pratt says:

    Colleen, you didnt have to make a shame of yourself so horribly. It’s ok that something like that happend, mistakes happen. I’m sure you didnt mean it. Your a such a sweet person that it wont change the way anyone will feel about you. So if anyone ever sees something rude, or wrong.

  14. Jodie Holland says:

    One of the only people i know that would own all of this. She recognises that she made mistakes and that she acted inappropriately. That is what it means to be an adult. She is a role model and her owning it teaches her younger followers right from wrong. That’s all….

  15. Bekah Dawn says:

    Are people seriously angry that she told a story not so seriously about her dog being put down?? Really people, there are such bigger things to focus on in this world. It is clear that Colleen is not racist, she’s not a bigot, and she loves animals, it does not matter what she did a decade ago, because she regrets it and she is clearly not the same person. People need to get lives and get their priorities straight

    • Natalia Corbacho says:

      @Lydia King and how do you know that

    • Deana Estrada says:

      People need to see the video in which this was discussed. She was doing a video with Corey and it was to see who was lying. Right after, she genuinely addressed it and was more sympathetic than the clip

    • Lydia King says:

      Deana Estrada I completely agree

    • Lydia King says:

      Deana Estrada it was pretty gross

    • Kayla Beegles says:

      @Lydia King That was probably a very traumatic experience for her and some people deal with trama with humor. People will get mad at anything and instead of unfollowing or simply educating they go straight to “canceling”. She didn’t do anything horrific and she owned up and apologized to the mistakes she made in the past.

  16. Jasper Fox says:

    this is the problem with cancel culture. we don’t give the opportunity to grow and learn and be better people. that’s the journey we’re all on. it’s valid for minorities to feel angry or upset bc of the mistreatments they face but we will never grow as a society if we cannot own up to our mistakes and admit that we have grown as people. everybody does it in their own ways. I think it’s ridiculous to pretend anyone was just born completely woke and un-ignorant to every stereotype and culture. thank you for admitting your mistakes and hopefully normalizing morality growth

  17. Mehzabeen Raafie says:

    She is human everyone has made mistakes… I don’t get why people are so mean and bringing things that have happened in the past

    • Henry Smith says:

      Yeah she is Garbage.🙂

    • Natalia Corbacho says:

      @Henry Smith no she’s not, but you definitely seem to be

    • Sariah Johnson says:

      That’s what I said at first, but when I actually saw the Latina video, I understood the backlash. It was horrific and so racist. It made me sick to my stomach. With That, I can understand why people would be mad. It was bad enough to bring up and actually did need to be addressed. However, she apologized, so now done.

  18. Abby Gut says:

    Cancel culture is so freaking toxic. Colleen has learned and grown from her past and now she’s used her platform to spread body positivity and try to end racism. Almost any comedy shoe makes jokes about race, gender, weight, etc

  19. xo_sophie_xo says:

    okay she made a mistake, but for the people that told her to kill herself, that is absolutely disgusting. this video was one of the best apology videos i’ve ever seen👍🏻💗

  20. bella loves musicals says:

    colleen is such a genuine person. she didn’t stutter at all, she knew what she was talking about. she didn’t make anything up. she took the time to apologize. she knew what she did wrong, and lived up to it. she was honest, and her apology felt real; unlike many youtubers. not only that, she was brave. so brave. this video is seen by the whole world, the whole entire internet, and she STILL apologized and admitted her actions publicly. she cares so much about her fans, and she’s so open, it’s almost like i know everything about her, while not even knowing her. and you can tell she’s so grateful and thankful of everything that her career has brought her. colleen is exactly how i want to be when i grow up. she is such an inspiration to me; i have been watching her for over five years. we need more people like colleen in this world. i respect her so much.

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