Adele at the BBC: When Adele wasn’t Adele… but was Jenny!

Adele at the BBC: When Adele wasn’t Adele… but was Jenny!

How would the real Adele do if she was auditioning as an Adele impersonator? Catch up with Adele at the BBC on BBC iPlayer:

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20 Responses

  1. Pablo Bottaro says:

    her fake nose looks more real than this.

  2. Terence Mitchao says:

    I watched it over and over again, and still cry each time.

  3. HouseMemo says:

    This is so great!

  4. jnbg61584 says:

    i rewatched a few times. noticed all the facial expressions when she was
    talking and i giggled

  5. DriaOfKroling says:

    I find it just lovely that they only recognized her when she started
    singing. Can’t hide that talent.

  6. Rio Albert says:

    And All GRAMMY Awards Go to ADELE… If Not, then we better think about
    Revolution or World War III

  7. LuKasAV6 says:

    I think Adele just earned an Emmy – LOL! That was brilliant!

  8. Juan Velozo says:

    he is just an amazing person. love love love her so much. ?

  9. Anna Laurent says:

    Everything she touches turns to tears. In a good way of course.

  10. Dilexson Kanthasamy says:

    wowww! nice one adele ??

  11. Fashion DIY says:

    This was brilliant great fun from Adele and Graham Norton with Jenny’s
    help! didn’t take the impersonators long to figure it out once on stage-
    loved it

  12. riel leo says:

    i am crying.. because i am so happy for this

  13. Xerxes Break says:

    So staged. America will do anything nowadays to rake in the dough.

  14. inyourgenes says:

    1:35 Impersonator: “Can’t wait for her new album” Adele: “She’s taking her
    time” Impersonator “Try saying that to her face” Classic!!!!!!!

  15. kanishka ranasinghe says:

    This is soo Adele and British

  16. EMPOWA says:

    I love how she kicks her shoes off! haha

  17. P OG says:

    what is it with the crying. I’ve just done the same over my egg and

  18. Lisa Adele Martin says:

    The morning after the night before. So many lovely positive comments. It
    was an AMAZING experience…and as you saw, I cried like a baby xx so funny

  19. Alex Yoon says:

    Adele doesn’t need auto tune. I love her music and her tone.

  20. ant 114213 says:

    only one adelle the rest are bitters