Adele – Hello (Live at the NRJ Awards)

Adele – Hello (Live at the NRJ Awards)

‘Hello’ is taken from the new album, 25, out November 20.
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Director: Tristan Carné

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20 Responses

  1. Noor Ali says:

    صوتج ايجنن ?❤

  2. William James Obrero says:

    the light behind her O.o

  3. Ольга Картункова says:


  4. Anusia Msp says:

    So beautiful song

  5. Thiago Melo says:

    Amanda Brown ?

  6. ZeroXcz says:

    1:34 on repeat 😀 diva hand

  7. Ramiz Saei says:

    She is the only thing about UK I love!

  8. BLTKellys says:

    She looks racked with stage fright. Some performers are better off singing
    live in the studio, not before an audience. The problem is a lack of stage
    presence. She just doesn’t have the magic quality that made, for example, a
    Judy Garland or Barbra Streisand light up the stage. She is essentially
    disassociated from the audience during the song. Look at the crowd here,
    they are thoroughly underwhelmed. What Adele has on her side is the fact
    that the audience WANT her to succeed, and that is a testament to her
    likability, regardless of her talent.

  9. Khôi Anh Đào says:

    The band should made sound louder,but it sill very well….her voice is
    highter now….!..,love it…

  10. Win GiGi says:


  11. Llandra Jones says:

    you better work ADELE

  12. Nayara Palma says:

    Adele sendo Adele! ?

  13. MaGzStArR92 says:


  14. Flazeda14 says:

    she always wears the same style

  15. UnderclasSum41 says:

    Oh, okay. So I’m the only one who was disappointed with this performance?
    I’m a huge fan of Adele, but her singing here is far from her perfect live
    singing… Hope for better ones in the future.

  16. kim christian coretana says:

    Her performance is not that bad all. She still have that powerful angelic
    voice! If you guys comparing Adele’s voice to the other artists maybe
    you’re a deaf. You should clean your ears.

  17. Xiomara Romero says:

    Wonderful! She’s beautiful. OMG.

  18. mikidebussy19 says:

    she is killing it with that sassy attitude… LOVVEEEE

  19. Erica Eads says:


  20. indeqo says:

    All I could think about were those huge fake eyelashes