Adele in solidarity with Brussels

Adele in solidarity with Brussels

Adele sings in dedication to those affected by the terrorist attacks in Brussels. She asks everyone to switch on their phone torches in support.

Credit @YPlan

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20 Responses

  1. Moira Grant says:

    This is so honorable for the people in Brussels I saw on the news when this
    happened it was so sad and don’t for get about Paris either

  2. TheNoFlinchGrinch says:

    Sorry, but no amount of sympathy, singing, prayers or fucking hashtags will
    stop these monsters from killing more innocent people. SOMETHING NEEDS TO
    BE DONE.

  3. NicksEpicPage says:

    Currently the only real talented person on the radio

  4. Joanne VanKuren says:

    Death to Islam!!

  5. Pookie Pookster says:

    What makes here so special again?

  6. Sebastian Martinez says:

    why is everyone on their phones? that’s the point on going on a concert if
    you’re just going to record it, taking a photo is ok but filming the entire

  7. jared blanco says:

    The video stopped at 4 20

  8. Xaspest7 says:

    Kind of sad to rub it I. It made me cry.

  9. Danny Puran says:

    Soon they’ll be singing hello from the other side of the wall Trump is
    going to build.

  10. NAM AS FUCK! says:

    its allright adele soon all of islam will be at war, because unlike weak
    places such as the EU the united states will soon put an end to this like
    we allways do

  11. Ali V says:

    This is beautiful

  12. Joanna F. says:

    shes one of the best voices ever.

  13. Morru Qu'aan says:

    And what exactly does this achieve, moments of “solidarity” won’t stop
    Isis, it will give them a target. Isis won’t stop until they are stopped.

  14. Harry Bates says:

    Love you adele❤️❤️❤️

  15. Bob Hughes says:

    I wonder if feminization contributes to terrorism? think about it: adele
    sings love song to brussels after terror attack. next political move? we
    open the borders to more terrorists, because….love.

  16. the metapod says:

    I hate Adele

  17. Time Lord Victorious says:

    One way of selling more albums i suppose.

  18. Thomas Ashraf says:

    Where’s the song for Syria? or anywhere else in the world?
    Only white lives matter?

  19. Bæ Bananas says:

    ah, watch me get hate, but I’m Muslim. I’m a girl who’s innocent unlike
    others.. now your gonna say, violent.. death to Islam.. terrorists.. but I
    don’t really care what ppl think.. but I do hate terroists, their fucking
    people who don’t care, and do this for the sake of islam, but fuck dem, now
    watch me get hate? or.. support?
    -someone you don’t wanna know.

  20. Squeeaak RS says:

    What about Turkey??????????