Adriana Lima Addresses The Justin Bieber Rumor – WWHL

Adriana Lima Addresses The Justin Bieber Rumor – WWHL

Andy Cohen asks Adriana Lima if there is any truth to the rumor that something romantic occurred with Justin Bieber and Adriana responds with a saying about guys who are under 6’7” that shuts it down.

“Watch What Happens” as Bravo Andy Cohen interviews today’s hottest celebrities.

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20 Responses

  1. Cristhofer Ramirez says:

    Ur voice and evrythin is a poor imitation of jimmy kimmel

  2. duphysoup says:

    Oh lord….. Her voice kills me.

  3. BeMoto says:

    What was Lenny Kravitz then?

  4. Karen Koch says:

    I just love how butthurt all these guys are in the comments lmao Adriana is
    such a queen

  5. Thiara Zampi says:

    Well damn, I didn’t know short guys were so sensitive

  6. JR G says:

    lol, so they only date basketball players

  7. Earl Green says:

    I once had a co-worker who, even though she was single and had a child,
    refused to be called a baby mother. Well Mary was the Holy Spirit’s baby
    mother, so to speak, and she did not have it easy at all. Accused of
    infidelity, talked about, suspect, had to travel miles on a donkey and give
    birth in a barn. Yet God would have it no other way, all for us! Don’t you
    just love Jesus?

  8. Ada banana. says:

    so many butthurt guys under 6’7 in the comments, LMAO

  9. kenzie horan says:

    lol @ all you short niggas in these comments mad because NOBODY wants
    y’all. #tallboysdoitbetter

  10. Zeph VG says:

    Since when the Internet started pitying Justin bieber???

  11. Elizabeth Armas says:

    ew she looks hideous or was it all the power of photoshop? I use to think
    she was stunning.

  12. joker3388 says:

    Her panties were dripping wet when she met Pacquiao, who is only 5’5″.

  13. krasnowDD says:

    Adriana Lima: Guys below 6’7 are friends.
    Girls: Wow, i love Adriana and she only likes tall guys. I want to be like
    her, so i only like tall guys.
    Guys: Wow, i love Adriana, but i will never have a chance with a girl like
    her because i’m short.

    #Role models #WriteaBook

  14. sd86it says:

    She would date a midget if the price is right.

  15. Chiamaka says:

    I don’t know why everyone is getting so offended. It was just indirect way
    to say she prefers taller guys. Because she is in fact TALL. That doesn’t
    make her rude or shallow. It just makes her honest.

  16. MrGoodcents says:

    6’8 HELL YES

  17. Will Y says:


  18. Ninjadude973 says:

    lmao all the short guys getting butthurt

  19. Amber Barton says:

    why is she so prettyy

  20. iPunchedApuppy01 says:

    bruh, this is the society we live in -_____-