After Game 4 Loss, is it Time For the Sixers to Panic? | NBA on TNT

After Game 4 Loss, is it Time For the Sixers to Panic? | NBA on TNT

Kawhi was dominant as the Raptors closed out a Game 4 win in Philadelphia. How concerned should the Sixers be going forward as Joel Embiid continues to deal with health issues?

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77 Responses

  1. Rohan Mhetar says:

    Chuck looking like a walnut

  2. Kolu Laser says:

    Kenny is wrong man. Jimmy is considered one of the best two way players in the leauge Simmons and Harris should also be able to guard Kawhi, but the dude is just to good right now probably no one could stop him or even bother him

    • junior2404 says:

      “Kenny is wrong”, and then you proceed to pretty much agree with what he said… I suppose you needed to see it written down.

    • Superhero18 says:

      +Its dolph This. It feels like so few people are actually watching the games. Kawhi Leonard has suddenly metamorphed into the greatest mid-range shooter in NBA History. That and he’s a good 3pt shooter, so giving him open 3’s is like asking for punishment.

      As Kyle Lowry said, we’re swarming but we’re not nearly swarming hard enough or fast enough. I know that’s amazing to say with 6 turnovers, but that’s because he literally gets the ball 70% of the time and is allowed to isolate 70% of the time.

      We need to pressure Kawhi as soon as he gets the ball. If Gasol, Siakim, Lowry hit open shots, so be it. But you can’t give up 40 a night to a player and expect to win. And a lot of this is on Ben Simmons, the player who struggles to give you a full game’s effort, on both ends of the floor. Ben isn’t a superstar right now, and is looking like he’ll never be one.

    • Jeremy Howard says:

      They have answers for kawhi but you’d have to sacrifice other things. Butler could guard kawhi but right now he is their best offense so you can’t waste him endurance wise. Ben Simmons may as well guard kawhi if he is going to be on the floor because he is being exposed offensively for the things he lacks. Tobias isn’t a good defender. Let kawhi get his. He’s going to get it anyway. Rely on the fact that siakam isn’t 100% and Lowry has been an overrated all star his whole career. Let’s see if those guys can beat you (which they really shouldn’t be able to). Raptors have great defense but their offense is not playoffs great. Philly is the better playoff team but they don’t have good heads. That’s their issue.

    • Bennyfranchise says:

      kenny is hella annoying always interrupt chuck

  3. Kolu Laser says:

    By the way Shaq had 3 outta 4 right in that Shaqstradamus segment, not bad

    • Darth Fedor says:

      Considering that Houston pulled out that win after the Warriors blew it he should have been 4 for 4

    • Raphael A-R says:

      It’s fear Kawhi… That dude is a straight monster.

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      shaq said kawhi has more than 1 ring..smdh…shaq is an idiot…also he is acting like embidds knee isn’t bothering him or his weight isn’t an clearly is…his conditioning looks awful this hes a mess

    • e mail says:

      Kolu Laser ppg per game

    • glasscasketTV says:

      +Asmosis Jones it’s cos he’s making another prediction fam

  4. Ariesvjt says:

    “ppg per game”

  5. rollon babe says:

    No one’s talking about Ben Simmons guys been trash

  6. Jian Chen says:

    Shaq “PPG per game”

  7. Twon Reed says:

    Charles is telling the truth it’s no excuse for that ?

  8. 1a 2b says:

    jesus. 38 points on 62%. those are shaq numbers and kawhi is doing that as a perimeter player.

    • Gee Andrezzi says:

      nick jones you are buggin. Kawhi was single handedly destroying the entire warriors team before zaza hurt him

    • Guatemalan Dude 69 says:

      Kawhi is laughing all the way to Toronto for game 5

    • Shanta R says:

      Lebron numbers…

    • Wis Dom says:

      +Shanta R LeWho?

    • Air 22 says:

      +Binh Nguyen again he could have had even more points but going by his field goals 13for 20 and points overall and this being 2×20 is 40 basically perfect yes if he made all of the other field goals and free throws then he would have had even more and even more if his field goals were all threes but going by hurtful and × and – he wss perfect snd barley won Sixers going finals

  9. Lil Ze says:

    They were double and triple teaming Kawhi today. That’s why he had 7 turnovers today. But he willed those 39 points today. And boy did they need every single one of them.

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      kawhi is finally beign that aggressive star he was in 2017…pre 2016-2017 he was a pretty overrated player and his playoff games weren’t that great usually….hes finally performing like we expect a player of his skill should and its nice to see….d russ choked vs this philly length and talent..kawhi isn’t sweating it at all..hes like I played kd harden russ wade curry bosh and bron..this is nothing man…the east cant guard me…

    • Lil Ze says:

      +Asmosis Jones too bad he got no help.

    • hoodbourgeois. says:

      Lil Ze They never triple teamed him. It was always Ben and Harris 1 on 1. Rarely double teamed too. They did switch tho.

    • EZR says:

      Boy did they need every single one of them today.*

  10. BigChubbz says:

    Disagree with Kenny .. siakam wasn’t playing well and nurse sat him .. I’m with Chuck here

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      butler an d simmons should be able to guard him taking turns …harris should be the helper since he is more of a team defender…

    • Luca Figueiredo says:

      He was dealing with an injury… so if hes not preforming at a certain point him not playing well is gonna hurt the team so u decide to put someone else in instead of keeping a guy in when hes hurt… but he played hard and with energy still

    • Tien Nguyen says:

      All them blocks on ibaka tho

    • Howtostudies says:

      Siakiam wasn’t playing well that day. single digit scoring with only two buckets out of 7

    • Nyle Winston says:

      +Tien Nguyen blocks in the 2nd quarter dont alter the game

  11. LightFuse says:

    He has to raise his PPG per game

  12. Cole Palmer says:

    Sixers lose game 1: “Is it time for the sixers to panic?”
    Raptors lose games 2, 3: “Is it time for the raptors to panic?”
    Sixers lose game 4: “Is it time for the sixers to panic?”

    • Nazgul says:

      this is nothing new..
      they always talk about the present and what about it moving forward..
      but someone always has to play devils advocate for the other side…

    • 68Camaro RS/SS says:

      Cole Palmer 1st time listening to these guys?? ESPN does the exact same thing

    • Ed Dixon says:

      Bartek Wohlert adding to that, I’m not sure what any team stands to gain from panicking.

    • Jayden V says:

      This is the same with literally every fan base and every sport though. Go to reddit or the comment section of a fanbase of any losing sport team. After 1 loss they will say the team is horrible trash, and need to panic. After a win theyre good again.

  13. axel rod says:

    Kenny wrong. Jimmy and Simmons are decent defenders Leonard is just that good.

    • Tserings says:

      Cedric Mallory this isn’t 2K where you have a defensive stopper badge goin off for simply putting a hand near the shooter’s face ? If you watch the games you’ll see Kawhi has been shooting over every single person putting their hands up on his face – it’s crazy

    • Cedric Mallory says:

      +Tserings i watched the game – maybe u can watch it again see that Simmons gambled more this game and wasnt even in position to even contest the shot

    • KFCgotfurniture says:

      Butler is an elite defender

    • Opulix IG says:

      +Cedric Mallory he didn’t help him out, he made mistakes and Leonard took advantage of it. He didn’t have to reach in

    • William says:

      Jimmy’s trying, Simmons is just shook

  14. I am Negan says:

    Kawhi doing so much work that he sent Lowry to do post game lol

  15. I am Negan says:

    I agree with Charles. I love Kawhi averaging 40 but you got to man up on D man.

    • salman sufi says:

      Didn’t you see Leonard almost choke out Butler while going for the rebound. The man is strong. And that was a clean rebound, just happened to be too strong for Butler to rebound on that possession.

  16. Bio Mechanoid says:

    Kenny should stop interrupting for crying out loud.

  17. MrZahsome says:

    Guess nobody gonna say anything about how once someone disagreed with Kenny, he starts interrupting and talking over Chuck. So annoying.

  18. Dakota Mahan says:

    Shaq: “Im not gonna panic, but the next game is a must-win”

  19. Tanner Rienbolt says:

    JJ Redick is more valuable to the 76ers than Ben Simmons is

    • Blazed Bob says:

      Simmons is not doing well. Simple as that. Where is this roty.

    • nmessai215 says:

      cJinL if you see how most teams operate without a true point guard you’ll see why being a facilitator and running an offense/getting people involved is so important. Put Ben Simmons on the suns I’m pretty sure they become a contender in the west

    • TheGoldenhill says:

      Opulix IG you’re missing the point. They put Simmons on Kawhi because Simmons is our best defender. Smh stop making yourself look like a fool

    • Opulix IG says:

      +TheGoldenhill they put Simmons on kawhi bc Brett brown can’t coach. Simple

  20. Ben M says:

    Media reacts so much after every game in the playoffs

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